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Body Shaping

  • Apr

    what is body shaping

    Frequent exercise and a healthy diet have done you good, but you’ve noticed yourself hitting a weight loss plateau. Now what can you do?

  • Jul

    liposuction palo alto

    No matter how frequently you exercise, or how clean your diet is, it’s not uncommon to experience stubborn areas of fat on your body that seem resistant to your lifestyle changes. Luckily, there’s a body sculpting treatment that can burn away unwanted fat and contour your body—providing results similar to plastic surgery without going under the knife!

  • May

    fat reduction palo alto

    It’s no secret that slimming down requires serious commitment—watching what you eat, exercising frequently and even taking supplements to promote overall health. But no matter how much hard work you may have put into your lifestyle change, it’s normal to hit a plateau. The good news? Your improvement doesn’t have to slow down or stop there.

  • Aug

    What is BodyFX

    BodyFX™ is the new non-surgical alternative to liposuction. This body shaping and cellulite treatment works to reduce fat in the abdomen, love handles, hips and other areas. Unlike liposuction, BodyFX also reduces cellulite while tightening skin and contouring your body.

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