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  • Jun

    botox palo alto

    Every time you squint, frown or even smile, you contract muscles in your face. Over time, these natural facial expressions can begin to form lines and wrinkles on your skin, making you appear older than you are. Luckily, these effects of aging can be treated without going under the knife!

  • Dec

    Botox vs Juvéderm

    Wrinkles are an effect of aging that most want removed from their face. Because of this, we may jump too quickly at a treatment before we know if it’s the best for our area of concern. Different wrinkle treatments focus on specific areas of the face and have better results when applied to that particular area. Additionally, these different treatments may be treating the same overall problem of aging, but they are doing so using different methods.  

    Botox and Juvéderm are prime examples of this. Both are anti-aging injectables designed to reduce wrinkles on the face. However, the specific areas they best treat and the way their products work are different. Exploring both products, understanding the areas they treat and learning how they treat them can help you decide which will smooth your wrinkles the best. Read on to learn everything you need to know when comparing Botox vs Juvéderm.

  • Jan

    How To Replace Lost Collagen

    Collagen—you may not appreciate it when you’re younger, but you definitely miss this sought-after skin component once it begins to fade! Thankfully, there are now skin care products and treatments available to help combat this effect of aging.

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