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  • Aug

    Juvederm: Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

    Everyone ages, and the signs will show whether you want them to or not. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical way to reverse these unwanted signs of aging, and we’re here to introduce you to one of our favorites—Juvéderm® XC.

  • Jul

    How to get rid of dark circles: Palo Alto

    Ever walk into work feeling great and still have someone say “Wow, you look really tired”? Dark circles can form under your eyes for several reasons. Allergies and sun exposure are a couple of outside causes—or you could have just inherited them. No matter what the cause, it may be time to make a change.

  • Jul

    How to Treat Excessive Sweating: Palo Alto

    The purpose of sweat is to keep your body temperature steady—helping cool you down when you’re exercising, running a fever or in warm weather. But what happens when this natural function goes from normal to excessive sweating?

  • Jul

    What Is Skin Resurfacing

    Wouldn’t it be great to take back time and reverse the damage that has been done to your skin? Though that’s not an option, there are several skin resurfacing treatments available to help refresh your appearance and reduce the appearance of imperfections. You can fall in love with your skin again!

  • Jun

    Freeze and Eliminate Fat Cells: Palo Alto Laser

    Getting a summer-ready body takes time—and effort! While everyone’s body is different, the key to achieving and maintaining your desired shape and weight comes down to a combination of diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this combo doesn’t always deliver the results we desire.

    One of the biggest reasons people don’t reach their weight loss goals? We’re often just too busy! If you’re unable to make evening workout classes or dedicate hours to food prep, your goals seem to slip further and further away. Thankfully there are options that can help!

  • Jun

    Summer Skin Care Products: Palo Alto Laser

    When it comes to skin care, consistency is key—but it’s also important to be aware of the need to tweak your routine depending on the season. As we move into the summer months, you may find that your skin care needs shift, including which products are right for you and how often they should be used.

  • Jun

    Sun-Friendly Wrinkle Treatment: Palo Alto Laser

    How often do you spend hours researching something before trying it out or purchasing it? It’s probably how you shop for home décor, clothing or a new car—why should skin care be different!

    When looking into specific treatment options, side effects are always something to pay attention to. Sure, the treatment itself may be simple, but being required to stay in bed and hide under the covers could be a deal-breaker. So what’s the best way to rejuvenate your skin this summer while battling high temperatures and harsh sunlight? The specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care have the answer—Ultherapy.

  • May

    How To Treat Veins

    Don’t let myths about vein treatments deter you! The specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care discuss the facts.

  • Apr

    When Should I Use SPF

    You probably know that SPF is a must for keeping your skin safe from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and early aging. But do you know why SPF is effective, and why skipping it is so dangerous?

  • Apr

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother knows best—and she deserves the best. Instead of the typical Mother’s Day gifts of flowers, chocolate or jewelry, give something she can smile about even longer! The specialists at Palo Alto are here to share the best gift ideas for the special woman in your life.


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