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  • Nov

    Ultherapy: Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

    Even when we lose weight, we still have those problem areas such as the chin and neck that do not get rid of fat easily. One way to eliminate this problem and create a more defined profile is liposuction. However, a less invasive procedure with similar results is available. 

  • Jul

    What Is Skin Resurfacing

    Wouldn’t it be great to take back time and reverse the damage that has been done to your skin? Though that’s not an option, there are several skin resurfacing treatments available to help refresh your appearance and reduce the appearance of imperfections. You can fall in love with your skin again!

  • Jun

    Sun-Friendly Wrinkle Treatment: Palo Alto Laser

    How often do you spend hours researching something before trying it out or purchasing it? It’s probably how you shop for home décor, clothing or a new car—why should skin care be different!

    When looking into specific treatment options, side effects are always something to pay attention to. Sure, the treatment itself may be simple, but being required to stay in bed and hide under the covers could be a deal-breaker. So what’s the best way to rejuvenate your skin this summer while battling high temperatures and harsh sunlight? The specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care have the answer—Ultherapy.

  • Dec

    Skin Care Gifts: Palo Alto, California

    Palo Alto’s December skin care specials are perfect for the holiday. Schedule an Ultherapy and Fraxel treatment, or purchase skin care products for 25% off!

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