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3 Things to Know About Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing: Palo Alto

Skin resurfacing is a great option for patients looking to renew and revitalize their skin. It can help correct wrinkles, brown spots, acne and scars while improving your overall complexion and skin tone. But before committing to this procedure, you should make sure you’re well-informed and know what to expect! If you’ve been considering this treatment, you may have already done a good amount of research—but here’s a few more things the specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care think you should know.

1. There Are Different Skin Resurfacing Options

There are many skin resurfacing procedures with the ability to correct the same imperfections, but there isn't a single laser that can treat all of them. In fact, each laser resurfacing treatment is typically designed to address a specific skin imperfection, and at times, for a specific skin type. The skin resurfacing treatment your specialist recommends for you will depend on the problems you want to address, the condition of your skin and even your skin tone.

2. You May Need More Than One Treatment

While you may notice improvement after your first session, don’t be disappointed if your skin imperfections have not completely disappeared. Revitalizing your skin and achieving the youthful appearance you desire takes time! But don’t worry—your skin specialist will be able to give their best recommendation of how many treatments you’ll need to reach your goals.

3. Downtime May Be Required

Though skin resurfacing is non-surgical, you may need to pencil in some recovery time after your procedure. The amount of time you’ll need will depend on which laser treatment you’ve received, but the typical recovery period will only affect your schedule for a couple of weeks at most. Skin resurfacing treatments can result in raw, sensitive skin, so it’s extremely important to take care of yourself after a procedure. Again, your skin specialist will guide you through this process—so there’s nothing to worry about!


If skin resurfacing is in your future, the specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care are here to answer any questions you may have. To find out which procedure will work best for you and the goals you have for your appearance, schedule a consultation by calling 650.565.8683!


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