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4 Skin Care Tips for Troubled, Oily Skin

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Dealing with oily skin that is prone to breakouts and other conditions can be frustrating. And if that isn’t enough, the California climate can make balancing oily skin an even greater challenge—especially in the summer months. No matter how discouraging skin problems can be, staying on top of a healthy skin care routine can help address troubled skin. Follow these tips to maintain younger-looking, beautiful skin in the long run.


1. Keep Your Skin Clean

While this should go without saying, washing your face every day and night is a must! Missing a cleansing session allows your skin to accumulate dirt and excess oils, which can result in breakouts and clogged pores. Because your skin produces more oil than normal, make sure you’re removing all traces of makeup and cleansing your skin before bed and when you wake up—as well as any other time of day you may need a refresh.

2. Always Wear Moisturizer

Many people believe that you should not apply moisturizer if you have oily skin—and that’s a myth! Skipping this form of hydration causes your skin to produce more oil to make up for its lack of moisture. And no matter how much oil your skin produces, a lack of moisture can eventually lead to unwanted imperfections such as facial lines and wrinkles.

3. Don’t Forget SPF and Sunscreen

Like the moisturizer myth, many people skip using products with SPF and sunscreen because they feel it makes their skin more oily. While there are lotions and sunscreens that can make your skin look and feel greasy, there are plenty of oil-free and matte sun protection products available—you just need to find the right one for your skin! Exposing yourself to the sun without wearing SPF and sunscreen can result in sun damage, which can lead to premature skin aging and brown spots.

4. Give Your Skin a Pick-Me-Up

All three basic steps can help keep oily skin and breakouts at bay, but for more severe cases, a skin treatment may need to be added to your regular skin care routine. Visiting your skin care specialist for routine chemical peels, facials or dermaplane treatments can help remove excess oil, balance your skin, even out its texture and even treat conditions such as acne.


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