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Are Your Hands Showing Your Age?

The use of cosmetic injections is very common to fight the signs of aging on the forehead, between the brows or around the eye. However, the next place to show age is the hands, making them a necessary step in the anti-aging treatment process.

Anti-Aging Treatments for the Hands

As we age, our hands can lose volume just like our face! With less volume under your skin, veins may become more prominent, in addition to the formation of age spots and fine lines and wrinkles from years of sun exposure.

The good news is that hand augmentation is possible, and it’s not that involved, either! Dermal fillers can be used to increase the volume and elasticity in your hands, resulting in a younger-looking appearance, while laser treatments are used to reduce the appearance of those pesky age spots. 

How to Get Younger Looking Hands

Volume Rejuvenation with Radiesse

The experts at Palo Alto believe that fighting the signs of aging in the hands involves two things—increasing volume under the skin and improving the appearance on the surface. We offer non-invasive services to address both rejuvenation needs, allowing you to get younger-looking hands in no time!

Dermal fillers such a FDA-cleared Radiesse address lost volume in the hands. This calcium-based filler causes immediate stimulation of collagen with results that last up to one year or longer! This treatment is perfect for those with hands that appear bony and thin due to loss of fat, while also addressing the prominent veins that many have with age. 

One interesting thing we would like to note is that hand rejuvenation treatments are not just for older patients. Many younger women are turning to dermal fillers for a more attractive engagement ring selfie. Since it’s a social media post that lives on, the investment in dermal fillers is painless for the concerned bride-to-be!

Skin Rejuvenation of the Hands

While your dermatologist may stress the daily use of sunscreen on your face, sometimes you can forget to protect your hands as well—and not to mention, we’re in California where it’s sunny 365 days a year! We are not complaining about the sun, but it can wreak havoc on our skin if preventive measures are not taken. 

In addition to protecting your hands from the sun’s UV rays, many women are not aware of the need to do the same while getting pampered at the salon! Getting regular gel manicures speeds up the aging process because when you place the hand under a UV or LED lamp, UVA rays are emitted. Experts recommend applying a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, or using fingerless gloves during your next manicure!

Palo Alto Leaser & Skin Care offers services that can reduce the appearance of sun spots and age spots. Our IPL FotoFacial utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to address the signs of sun damage. Requiring little to no downtime, IPL FotoFacials allow you to return to work the same day!

Another treatment option to reduce sun spots and age spots is CO2 Laser Resurfacing. The targeted CO2 laser can rejuvenate the skin after just one treatment, targeting unwanted age spots, resulting healthy, younger-looking skin!

Skin Rejuvenation in Palo Alto, California

Younger-Looking Hands Are Within Reach

Don’t give your face and neck all of the skin care attention—your hands deserve it too! Contact the experts at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care today to learn more about our hand rejuvenation treatments. By scheduling a complementary consultation, you have the opportunity to learn the recommended treatment process specific to your skin care needs.

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