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At What Age Would You Get Botox?

Whether you’re a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills or a working mother, Botox® has become a household name. With an increased awareness surrounding the benefits of this cosmetic treatment, there is now an increasing amount of chatter surrounding the use of Botox as a preventative treatment.

Many women plan to get Botox at some point in the future, perhaps on a monumental birthday such as 40 or 50. While it is common to wait until an older age to get Botox, there is a downside: the longer you wait to get treatment, the more difficult it is to receive the desired results without additional treatments. However, there is an increase in women who are taking advantage of Botox in their 20s and 30s, enjoying the preventative nature that the injections offer.

Botox in Your Early & Mid-20s

Would you have guessed that 30% of Botox users are women in their 20s? The injections are not necessarily used for wrinkles at this point, but rather to improve the symmetry of the patient’s face. For instance, if you’re constantly wondering whether people notice that pesky droopy brow of yours, Botox is the perfect answer!

Many women visit their dermatologist to discuss the use of Botox but don’t actually receive the injection. However, the conversation alone can serve as a preventive measure. When you’re in the early or mid 20s, your dermatologist is able to point out the areas in which Botox may benefit you in the future. These early signs are often associated with repetitive facial movements. Discovering which facial expressions may be causing the onset of wrinkles can help to discourage such movements—something you’ll be thankful for down the road.

Botox in Your Late 20s

Your late 20s is the time in which most women become candidates for preventive, or ‘prophylactic Botox,’ as referred to by Those who have fair skin and have experienced a great deal of sun exposure growing up can benefit from preventive Botox injections, as can those who have exaggerated facial expressions.

Prophylactic Botox treatments are not given on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. To experience the benefits of preventative Botox, many patients only require two treatment sessions per year, keeping maintenance costs low.

Botox in Your 30s

As we get into our 30s, facial lines and wrinkles start to become more apparent. Whether it is asymmetry of the brows or jelly rolls under the eyes (you know, that roll of skin that appears when you smile) Botox can significantly help! Botox injections around the eyelids and eyebrows make you seem much more awake and can also reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, something we could all enjoy!

Botox in Your 40s

Many women wait until their 40s to start the Botox conversation with their dermatologist. Unfortunately, in order to receive the same results they would have enjoyed five years prior, they will require more than just Botox, which in turn costs more money.

The advice that our office gives to those women interested in Botox injections—no matter what the age—is to schedule a consultation with their skincare specialist. During the consultation, our Aesthetic Nurse Specialist will review your skin history and recommend the next steps towards achieving your desired results, whether they be skin treatments such as Botox or simple skincare regimens to follow.

To learn whether Botox would benefit you at this time, call our office at 650.565.8683 or visit our contact page.  

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