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Botox: The Cure for the Common Wrinkle

Wrinkles are a universal sign of aging, but do you know just why we get them as we age? Find out why wrinkles occur—and how Botox can help you fight this sign of aging.

How Botox Can Help Wrinkles

Why do we get wrinkles?

There are a variety of factors involved in making skin healthy and youthful, and just as many are involved in aging. The protein collagen gives skin its firmness, but after age 20, we produce about 1% less collagen every year. The body also produces less elastin, the protein that makes skin more flexible. The skin in the face can begin to sag if it loses some of the fat layers underneath it. All of these factors contribute to one of the most obvious signs of aging—wrinkles.

Lines and wrinkles occur because of the different facial expressions we make. As we smile, wrinkle our noses or frown in concentration, the skin constantly moves and stretches. When we’re young, these lines are only temporary, but as we lose collagen and elastin with age, it becomes more difficult for the skin to return to normal. Frown lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet around the eyes accumulate, and can become more difficult to conceal with makeup.

Botox Treatments in Palo Alto, California

How can Botox help?

Botox treatments can relax the frown lines between the eyebrows, commonly known as “11 lines.” Botox is also used for crow’s feet and for lines on the forehead and neck. A few days after the injections, the muscles that produce these lines will lose the ability to contract and you will appreciate a smoother appearance. Treatments can be repeated every 3-6 months.

Take the next step toward a younger look and reverse the signs of aging! Contact the expert team at Palo Alto to learn more about Botox or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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