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Cooler weather is here! Which means that the holidays are on their way and you can finally start wearing those sweaters and boots that have been sitting in the closet, but what does it mean for your skin? Lower temperatures often make skin dry, the humidity is gone, and it creates dry environments both inside and out. Not to mention the wind that is frequently present in the fall and can dry your skin out with ease.  Here are three simple tips to help take care of your skin during cold weather:

Stop scrubbing so much!

Of course, you want to make sure that you are getting all of your makeup off (if you wear any) and are cleansing your face should you get sweaty, but exfoliating can dry out your skin very quickly, especially when the weather and environment are already working against you. Keep exfoliation to a minimum and use a sensitive skin product to avoid dry skin during the chilly seasons.

Use a humidifier in the house if it seems too dry.

If your home or apartment seems to be dry, family members get bloody noses, your skin feels dry, you wake up thirsty or with a dry mouth or throat, it might be a wise investment to purchase and start using a humidifier. It will put moisture back into the air, in turn keeping your skin and body hydrated throughout the day and night.

Apply moisturizer before bed.

Choose a healthy face moisturizer, something without too many additives and something that doesn’t feel greasy after it gets applied. Apply this to areas that get dry often before bed. This way it has time to sit and work its way into your skin to hydrate without creating a shiny or oily skin effect throughout the day.

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