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Freeze & Eliminate Fat Cells

While everyone’s body is different, the key to achieving and maintaining your desired shape and weight comes down to a combination of diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this combo doesn’t always deliver the results we desire.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t reach their weight loss goals? We’re often just too busy! If you’re unable to make evening workout classes or dedicate hours to food prep, your goals seem to slip further and further away. Thankfully there are options that can help!

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction Treatment

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates fat—even the fat that diet and exercise have failed to reach in the past! Another perk to this non-invasive procedure is that you’ll see results 6-8 weeks after treatment. So if you have a summer vacation on the books, it’s not too late to be bikini-ready if you schedule your appointment today!


Freezing and Eliminating Fat

During the CoolSculpting treatment, controlled cooling targets the fat cells underneath your skin. There are sensors that detect if the skin is getting too cold during the procedure, which prevents discomfort or pain from occurring. And if you’re wondering where the idea behind freezing fat came, we have a surprise for you—popsicles!

As the CoolSculpting website explains, scientists at Harvard University noticed that children who ate popsicles formed dimples in their cheeks. The observation led to the realization that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating the pockets of fat cells within the cheek. This concept of targeting and freezing fat cells is now known as cryolipolysis.


Targeting Fat with CoolSculpting

While the CoolSculpting device is FDA-cleared to treat five areas of the body—including the abdomen, flanks/sides (love handles), inner thighs and outer thighs—Palo Alto is most excited about its ability to target the double chin! The CoolSculpting Mini is great for targeting the chin area. Another exciting part about this treatment option is that you can see results in about 4-6 weeks, allowing you to be proud of your profile in no time.

If you’re interested in finally eliminating the fat that diet and exercise have failed to reach, it’s time to try CoolSculpting. Schedule a consultation with us today and you’ll be one step closer to the shape you desire. 

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