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Introducing Our New Skin Care Line: skinbetter science

Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care carries several clinical skin care products to help you achieve youthful, radiant and glowing skin. This month, our specialists are happy to announce the arrival of a new line—skinbetter science™! Learn more about the unique formula that helps reverse the signs of aging.

skinbetter science

Getting to Know skinbetter science™

Managing the effects of aging means committing to a combination of taking care of your skin, living a healthy life and possibly undergoing aesthetic procedures. The aesthetics experts who created skinbetter science™ have a complete understanding of anti-aging—they also developed  Restylane® and Dysport®.

The skinbetter science™ team is passionate about utilizing science for the creation of their unique formulations. Safety is a top priority of this skin care line, aiming to deliver visible skin rejuvenation. Not only is their unique formula incredibly effective, but it provides a luxurious experience as well. The products created by skinbetter science™ contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients to both pamper you and improve your skin.

Products Designed to Address Your Concerns

There are two skinbetter science™ lines—smoothing and regenerating. The smoothing line is made up of a hyaluronic acid topical line filler, collagen booster and eye recharger. There is also a kit that comes equipped with this trio of smoothing products, allowing you to improve the appearance of your eyes, face and neck while reducing lines across the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.

The regenerating line contains retinoid renewal in the form of overnight creams. These creams work to reduce the depth and size of wrinkles while protecting your skin from collagen, elastin and hyaluronic degradation. The anti-aging ingredients also calm and moisturize skin, as opposed to existing retinoid based products that dry out the skin.

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How Do I Get skinbetter science™ Products?

Only specialized physicians are authorized to provide skinbetter science™ products to patients—and Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care is one of them! Are you ready to try these products for yourself? Call our office at 650.565.8683 and schedule your complimentary consultation!

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