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Trading the Razor for Laser Hair Removal

Do you ever stop to think about how much time and effort you spend shaving and waxing? Thankfully, laser hair removal can help eliminate this task from your routine. Read on to learn more about our preferred hair reduction treatment, GentleMax.

GentleMax Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Reduction with GentleMax

Laser hair removal is a treatment that has been around for quite some time. While original hair removal options were fairly painful, the procedure has been fine tuned and transformed into a much more comfortable experience!

During laser hair removal, a powerful, yet gentle, beam of light passes directly through the skin, disabling the targeted hair follicles. To ensure your comfort, GentleMax is also equipped with cooling technology that protects the skin and makes the treatment area less sensitive.

Advanced Technology. True Power. Real Results.

Though there are several laser hair removal treatments on the market, GentleMax has the fastest dual wavelength laser! It combines both the 755nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064nm Nd:YAG laser for a safe and highly effective experience. What makes the combination of these lasers even better is their ability to treat all skin types. The Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers are each designed to focus on specific skin types—so with both, all bases are covered, making it effective for more patients.

GentleMax provides permanent hair reduction in a series of treatments, each five to six weeks apart. The number of treatments necessary will depend on your condition.

Laser Hair Removal: Palo Alto

Laser Hair Removal in Palo Alto, California

Ready to toss the disposable razors and cancel your waxing appointments? GentleMax is FDA-approved, providing results that will save you time and money. If permanent hair reduction is something you desire, schedule your free consultation with a specialist by calling 650.565.8683. Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook to stay on top of updates and monthly specials!

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