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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: EltaMD Skin Care Products

Mother knows best—and she deserves the best. Instead of the typical Mother’s Day gifts of flowers, chocolate or jewelry, give something she can smile about even longer! The specialists at Palo Alto are here to share the best gift ideas for the special woman in your life.

Skin Care Products Make the Best Gifts

One of the best gifts you can give is confidence. Who doesn’t want to hold on to their youth and feel better about who they see in the mirror? Feeling beautiful begins with the person, but helping your special someone step up their skin care game won’t hurt!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Stop Aging and Restore Vitality 

No matter their age, most women are eager to hold on to smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The first step in making sure this becomes reality is perfecting your skin care routine!

Day or night, it is important to apply moisturizer after cleansing your face. Facial moisturizers come with all kinds of benefits, and the type you decide to use depends on the results you want to see. Palo Alto carries a line of products that help restore the youth of skin and rid of signs of aging.

The EltaMD PM Therapy Moisturizer makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift, restoring and repairing skin—all while you’re asleep! Cleanse your face before bed as normal, pat dry and then apply pearl-size dots of moisturizer in circular upward and outward motions. Ceramides, which help your skin retain moisture, work to maximize the nighttime repair process and improve skin color and tone. This moisturizer is safe for all skin types, making it even easier to give as a gift.

Give the Gift of Skin Protection

As if EltaMD wasn’t already making us happy enough, they’ve done it again with another product that makes the perfect gift. Most women apply lip gloss, lip stick, or some sort of moisturizing color to their lips—but how many think about sun protection? This Mother’s Day, make mom’s life a bit easier by throwing EltaMD Lip Balm Broad-Spectrum SPF 31 in her gift bag!

It’s a known fact that you should always apply SPF to your face or use a moisturizer that does the trick, but we often forget that our lips need a sun shield as well. Lip sunburn is real—and yes, you can develop skin cancer if you aren’t protected. With the sun always beaming on Palo Alto, you can’t go wrong by taking this extra step.

EltaMD’s SPF lip balm protects dry, sun-exposed lips, making it ideal for everyday use. It’s water-resistant up to 80 minutes, and provides the ultimate UVA/UVB sun protection. For best results, this lip balm should be applied 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied every two hours, or after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating.

Anti-Aging Products: Palo Alto Laser

Give Flawless Skin This Mother’s Day

If these products sound like something the lady in your life would be ecstatic to receive this Mother’s Day, we’ve got great news for you. During the month of May, you can go home with a FREE EltaMD PM Therapy Moisturizer and Lip Balm Broad-Spectrum SPF 31 when you purchase a gift card of $200 or more.

In addition to free EltaMD products this Mother’s Day, you can also save $100 on Latisse eyelash growth treatment! Purchase three five-milliliter Latisse kits and receive $120 directly from the manufacturer.

These Mother’s Day deals won’t be here long, so contact us today! Aside from mom’s special day this month, we are always available for consultations about our several treatment options. Contact us with any questions or give us a call at 650.565.8683.

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