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The Simple Skin Care Routine You Should Start NOW

How often do you stop and think about your skin care routine? Are you washing your face at the right times? Are you using the right products and applying enough of them? The truth is, most people don’t follow a routine religiously, and those who do have often taken advice from the wrong people. No worries—the experts at Palo Alto are here to help! The best skin care routine is actually much easier than you’d think.

Simple Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Starts With A Clean Face!

If there is anything you should be doing every day, it’s washing your face in the morning. People assume that you only need to cleanse when taking off makeup before bed, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Washing your face in the morning helps remove oil and sweat that builds up during your slumber. You don’t have to be out and about to get dirty! Cleansing in the morning is also a good habit to get into because fresh skin absorbs more of the moisturizers and serums you apply to your face. If you skip this critical step, you prevent your skin care products from doing their job.

Keeping Skin Moisturized

After washing dirt, oil and sweat off your face, it’s time to moisturize! Moisturizers can come with all kinds of benefits, such as brightening, oxygenation, skin repair, collagen production and more. As long as you’re applying a moisturizer—especially when your skin is dry—the kind you use isn’t of extreme importance. Meet with a skin specialist to figure out what you would like to improve upon when it comes to skin care. Choosing the right moisturizer will be much easier once you’re aware of the results you wish to see.

Applying Product To Your Skin

So I’ve washed and moisturized—that’s it, right?

Wrong! It’s time to apply your favorite serums, oils and creams. Some products are daytime or nighttime specific, so pay attention to that. Daytime products typically help with brightening the skin, correcting puffy dark circles and even oxygenation. If the moisturizer you used before applying product does not already contain SPF, be sure to put some on before adding the extras. Again, the products applied after moisturizer and SPF are not the same for everyone, so make sure you meet with a specialist if you’re unsure of which serums and oils to use!

Skin Care Day And Night

When you’re finished with your day, remove your makeup with a cream or oil of your choice. Don’t forget to cleanse again after this step! Washing your face after removing makeup helps rid of the excess, as well as oils and dirt that your makeup remover doesn’t lift. After cleansing, make sure you moisturize again—this can be the same product you use at the beginning of your day, or a different one that’s specifically for nighttime. Some nighttime moisturizers have unique benefits such as sun spot reversal, skin resurfacing and collagen production. There are also oils and serums that are safe to keep on your skin overnight, aiding dark circles, dry skin and more.

Stick To The Skin Care Routine

We’ve thrown a lot of advice your way, and if you’ve never had a routine you may be a bit lost. Or you may have thrown your routine by the wayside, making it important that you get back on track right away. Taking all of the essential steps towards healthy skin is definitely worth the time and effort.


If you’re ready to take on the simple skin care routine but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. The specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care can help you choose the best products for your skin, delivering the most incredible results! You can schedule a consultation, or give us a call at 650.565.8683.

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