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Skin Care During Colder Months

Skin Care During Colder Months

Taking Care Of Your Skin, No Matter The Weather

To start off, let’s address the obvious—it doesn’t snow in Palo Alto and it doesn’t even get that cold. But, there are cool, rainy days here in Cali and you know what that brings—laziness. Don’t pretend that you wake up to gloomy weather feeling energized and ready to hop out of bed. Though that could be the case for “morning people”, most of us would prefer to crawl back under the covers and drop all our responsibilities. If the weather affects your productivity level, we stress that you don’t let it affect your skin care routine.

Keep SPF In Your Skin Care Routine

If you wake up and the sun’s not out, that doesn’t mean you don’t need SPF. Gloomy days still take a toll on your skin because the clouds don’t actually serve as a shield from harmful UV rays.

The level of SPF you apply may depend on your skin type or your plans for the day. These are the amounts of SPF we recommend:

  • SPF 15: Great for regular, everyday use
  • SPF 30: The minimum for those partaking in outdoor activities
  • SPF 50 & Up: The safest choice; use for long periods of time in direct sunlight

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t even apply SPF on sunny days, now is the time to start a new, positive habit! This small, extra step in your routine can help prevent cancer, sun spots and skin discoloration.

And don’t forget about your lips! Apply a lip balm that has a little extra protection—you won’t regret it.

Keep SPF in Your Skin Care Routine

Moisturized Skin On The Daily

Staying moisturized is just as important as applying SPF, and this change might be even easier to get used to. The smallest change in temperature can negatively affect your skin, causing dryness and cracking. Skipping one day of moisturizer hurts more than you’d think! Once your skin is dry and cracked, getting it back to its original, healthy glow takes longer than it does to do the damage. There’s no harm in layering it on thick and applying it throughout the day—just make sure you’re not moisturizing too often with something thick like Vaseline. Though petroleum jelly is a strong, effective moisturizer and ideal lip balm, it can clog your pores if you overdo it.

Take The Extra Step Towards Healthy Skin

When it comes to SPF and moisturizers, be sure to experiment in order to find the ones that work best for you! If you’re unsure which skincare products are best suited for your skin type, the specialists at Palo Alto can assist you.

Do whatever you can to remind yourself to take this extra step in skincare—whether that means sticky notes on your fridge or an alarm on your phone. Protecting your skin is important and you’ll love the results.

Cooler, gloomy months are also a great time to address your pre-existing skin conditions like discoloration and sun spots. Learn more about our treatment options or schedule your consultation by giving us a call at 650.565.8683!

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