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Spider Vein Treatment Options

Spider veins are red, purple or blue vessels that are visible through the skin—usually on the face, or most commonly, the legs. While they typically don’t result in pain or discomfort, they can be unsightly and cause insecurities. Fortunately, there are non-invasive treatment options so you don’t have to continue hiding your legs in pants and long skirts! From preventative exercises to laser vein treatments, find out which option is best for you.

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Step one is to get moving! Even if trips to the gym aren’t part of your daily or weekly routine, simply taking a walk can be beneficial in the long run. Making sure your body has healthy circulation is key, as poor blood flow is one of the many causes of spider veins.

Standing or sitting for long periods of time can also result in spider veins, so make sure you can take a break inbetween activities to walk around or put your feet up.

Support Stockings

Compression socks or stockings are an option for promoting healthy circulation and reducing pain and discomfort. While they may not seem like the most appealing option, they can easily be hidden under clothing—plus, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your legs feel after a long day at work!  

If you’re interested in support stockings, speak with your physician for further details and recommendations.

Laser Treatments

For those who have tried getting rid of spider veins and haven’t had any luck, there’s an extremely effective treatment option that doesn’t require going under the knife! Laser vein removal works to eliminate the appearance of spider veins without bruising or damaging the surrounding skin.

At Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care, we use the V-Beam laser to effectively remove spider veins! It’s a downtime-free option, with most patients being able to return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Vein treatment: Palo Alto

Laser Vein Treatments in Palo Alto, California

If you’re ready to let go of unsightly spider veins with the V-Beam laser, you can contact us by calling 650.565.8683 and schedule a consultation! Be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook as well to keep up on special offers, updates and more!

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