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Spring and Summer Skin Care

You’ve got a skin care routine that seems to work, and you’ve been sticking to it. But occasionally, you notice changes in your skin when the weather is transitioning. While this is completely normal, we have a few tricks to help you stay on top of your skin’s health!

Fresh Skin for Spring
Spring is the season for renewal—with clear skies and blooming flowers on their way! Your skin will be recovering from the cool, dryer months, making this one of the most important seasons for skin care.

When the weather is cooler, even here in California, some individuals switch to a heavier moisturizer to prevent cracking and drying. But when spring approaches, thick products should be swapped for something lighter. This will help your skin “breathe” and prevent breakouts in the weather’s transition period.

In addition to moisturizing, exfoliation is an important step in reviving your skin’s natural glow. While most people wouldn't think to exfoliate dry skin, a gentle cleanser can help remove dead skin and clear your pores! Just make sure you choose a product that safely exfoliates, unlike a harsh, rough scrub.

Protect Skin for Summer
Summer skin care is fairly similar to spring, but there are a few essential steps you can’t miss out on when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Moisturizers should still be light, as you’ll be sweating more during this time of year. But the difference between spring and summer is the amount of SPF. Hot, summer days can result in serious sun damage, so make sure your moisturizer is doing its job. In addition to your daily face lotion, you should be sure to have sunscreen on deck at all times. While moisturizers with SPF can prevent a good amount of sun damage, they won’t be much help in preventing sunburn when you’re exposed to UV rays for hours on end.

In addition to sun damage, many people struggle with oiliness and redness during the summer months. If your skin gets shiny during this time of year, switching to oil-free skin care products will make all the difference! Plus, routine facials or peels can also cut down on oil buildup, redness and breakouts.



Skin Care in Palo Alto
The changes from season to season are minor, but extremely important. If you have any questions about skin care products or treatments, our skin specialists would love to help. Schedule a free consultation by calling us at 650.565.8683!

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