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The Solution to Aching Knees

Body aches are commonly experienced by athletes and people with an active lifestyle. And when it comes to runners, they’ve likely dealt with knee pains somewhere along the way. But no matter the cause of the frequent aches and pains, there’s finally a way to address them for those who have yet to find a solution.

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Treating Aching Knees

If you’re new to knee pain, there are a few at-home remedies you can try for relief. Depending on the severity, the best advice is to elevate your knees, wear compressive bandages and apply ice to reduce swelling. While it’s important to rest when you’re experiencing aches, you should also keep moving! Resting too much can weaken your muscles over time and make joint pain worse.

If your aching knees are reoccurring, think about long-term triggers that could be causing this pain. If you’re a runner, how long have you been using your current shoes? Are they offering you the right support? Old, worn out shoes that don’t support your body correctly while running can not only result in aches, but permanent damage to joints and muscles.

Other causes of aching knees and joint pains are being overweight (as this puts more stress on your legs and knees) and medical conditions such as arthritis. If your aches and pains cannot be managed and are affecting your lifestyle, please contact your primary physician.

Addressing Joint Pain with Lipogems

At Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care, we offer a revolutionary treatment for aching knees and other joint pains. Lipogems is a regenerative treatment that uses your own tissue to naturally heal injuries and support permanent damage.

During a Lipogems treatment, adipose tissue (also known as body fat) is extracted from an area of your body and processed through a device that preserves its beneficial properties. Once the tissue is cleaned, the harvested regenerative fat cells are then injected into areas of the body that need repair, supporting and treating orthopedic conditions.

Lipogems | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

Am I a Lipogems Candidate?

Lipogems is an effective treatment for patients with a chronic injury or tissue defect, and for those who have not found relief from solutions such as physical therapy or steroid injections. And luckily, Lipogems is an option no matter your age, as adipose tissue does not lose its regenerative properties over time.

If you’re interested in a natural way of healing, schedule your free consultation by calling 650.565.8683 today! We’re helping patients in the Palo Alto, California, area address their aches and pains with Lipogems.

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