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3 Things You’ll Notice After a Dermaplane Treatment

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive rejuvenation treatment designed to exfoliate the skin for a clear, renewed appearance. A dermaplane session consists of light, painless “scraping” on the surface of the skin with a surgical scalpel. It’s as simple as that!

But what are some of the benefits you get to enjoy after dermaplaning? We’ll share the three greatest things you’ll notice after your rejuvenation treatment.

Dermaplane Treatment

1. You’ll Be Glowing!

We’re serious.

After dermaplaning, your skin will naturally have a beautiful, dewy glow. Since the treatment removes all the dirt and oil built up on your skin, it’s much easier to reveal the youthful, clear appearance beneath the surface. In addition to having a face free of impurities, your skin will feel smoother than ever!

2. No More “Peach Fuzz.”

Along with oil and dirt, the top layer of your skin is also populated with fine vellus hairs, or “peach fuzz.” Even if your facial hair is not very dark or noticeable, having it does make it easier for your skin to accumulate more dirt and oil. It can also get in the way of how products are applied and absorbed into your skin. And if you do have darker hair on your face, removing it with a dermaplane treatment is much safer than shaving, waxing or using hair removal creams.

3. Smooth Product Application.

As mentioned, dermaplaning makes it easier for skin care products, sunscreen and makeup to do their job. Without the vellus hairs, oil and dirt in the way, your creams and serums aren’t going to waste. Everything you apply to your skin will be absorbed better, making the results even more effective. When it comes to makeup, applying it is easier, too—and it stays in place for an all-day flawless look!

Dermaplaning Palo Alto

Dermaplaning Treatments in Palo Alto, California

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