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What is a Chemical Peel and how does it work?

If you’ve been searching for a method of skin rejuvenation, you may have stumbled upon a popular treatment option—chemical peels. Don’t let the word chemical scare you! This procedure has the ability to safely improve and renew your skin, clearing it of imperfections. Interested? Read on to learn what a chemical peel is and which types are available.

How Do Chemical Peels Work?
During a chemical peel treatment, an exfoliating solution is applied to your skin, causing the top layer to peel off. By removing this damaged layer, your skin will have the opportunity to renew itself and develop new skin! This process can make your skin sensitive and cause some discomfort, but you will be consulted by your skin care specialist on how to safely take care of your skin post-treatment.

What Types of Chemical Peels Are There?
There are different types of chemical peels available, helping treat skin imperfections such as acne and acne scars, lines and wrinkles, sun damage and deep scars. The chemical peel used for your treatment will depend on your skin type and which concerns you would like to address!

What Else Should I Know About Chemical Peels?
If you’re interested in this type of skin rejuvenation, please consult with a skin specialist before making any decisions. As you may know, there are chemical peels available for at-home treatment—and while they may seem convenient, these peels can harm or damage your skin. If you aren’t receiving your treatment from a specialist, there’s no way of knowing whether your peel is appropriate for your skin type or effectively treating your concerns.

It is also important that you avoid sun exposure after a chemical peel. Your renewed skin is extremely sensitive during the healing process, and any direct sun exposure can harm this newly regenerated layer. Opt for a chemical peel during the winter months when the sun is less harsh, and ask your specialist about which SPF you should be wearing.

Chemical Peels in Palo Alto, California
The specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care are here to help if chemical peels are on your mind! Be sure to schedule a consultation by calling 650.565.8683 to learn which skin rejuvenation treatment is best for you!

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