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Is the Botox process painful?


Botox and Dysport are injections, so they feel similar to getting a flu shot though at a much more superficial level and with much smaller needle. Pain generally is not

Is the Botox process painful?2020-10-21T03:56:44-07:00

Is there a recovery period for Botox?


There is no downtime required when opting for neurotoxin injections. However, there are some best practices to follow in order to maximize results and minimize unwanted effects. For example, not

Is there a recovery period for Botox?2020-10-21T03:55:55-07:00

Which neuromodulator is right for me?


Both Botox and Dysport are proven and effective at temporarily stopping and reducing lines and wrinkles. The “best” neurotoxin for you will depend on your goals, the injection site, and

Which neuromodulator is right for me?2020-10-21T03:54:37-07:00