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Why doesn’t Qwo last forever?


No cellulite treatment lasts forever, and even the more aggressive surgical options only last up to three years on average. Qwo (and other cellulite treatments) are not permanent because the

Why doesn’t Qwo last forever?2021-06-28T07:52:07-07:00

How severe is the bruising with Qwo?


Bruising is a common side effect of Qwo and it can look moderate to severe in many cases on the first treatment and mild to moderate on the second and

How severe is the bruising with Qwo?2021-06-28T07:51:29-07:00

Is Qwo painful?


Qwo involves up to 12 injections per session using very small needles. The buttocks are a not as sensitive area and injections are typically tolerated in this region quite well.

Is Qwo painful?2021-06-28T07:54:26-07:00

Does Qwo tighten skin and/or remove fat?


Qwo is a temporary cellulite reduction treatment, not a skin tightening procedure or contouring procedure. However, there are skin tightening procedures and contouring options such as Thermage FLX that can

Does Qwo tighten skin and/or remove fat?2021-06-28T07:48:43-07:00