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How does earlobe repair work?


General anesthesia is not required. Instead, a local anesthetic numbs the area and a specialized technique is used to repair and reconstruct the earlobe based on the type and complexity

How does earlobe repair work?2020-11-06T08:55:18-07:00

Can a scar ever be completely removed?


The cosmetic results will depend on many factors including patient’s skin type, the type of scar, the size, the age (how old is the scar), size, location and the depth.

Can a scar ever be completely removed?2020-11-06T08:38:28-07:00

Are scar treatments non-invasive?


It depends on the chosen treatment approach. Your provider may recommend a re-excision of the scar to prevent keloids or hypertrophic scars from forming. Microneedling, while painless, is also a

Are scar treatments non-invasive?2020-11-06T08:36:08-07:00