As Drake said, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.” Qwo is the first FDA-approved injectable to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of women—and it is available at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. This series of injectables requires three treatments spaced three weeks apart. You will start to see some results after the first injection, but full results will be seen about six weeks after your last injection. So, if you start Qwo now, you will be able to show off a smoother, youthful derriere just in time for winter holiday getaways.

Right now is the best time to start Qwo injections because summer is coming to an end. If you’re a woman struggling with cellulite on the buttocks, you may have spent the summer by the pool or at the beach with a coverall securely around your waist. However, now that autumn clothes are taking priority in your closet, ‘tis the season to get your butt in shape for the next swimsuit season (and for many of you, that means winter getaways to tropical destinations). Qwo can cause swelling and bruising at the injection site, which is temporary but we understand that you may want to avoid a bruised backseat in the heat of swimsuit season. Autumn clothes can easily cover up that short-term bruising, and any darkness or swelling will be completely dissipated within one month after your last injection.

How Qwo Works

It is estimated that over 90 percent of women have cellulite, and the buttocks is one of the most common areas it occurs. Cellulite is natural and can happen at any size, but half of women reported in a Harris poll that they are bothered either “a lot” or a “great deal” by cellulite. Cellulite is caused when fat pushes through the fibrous septae, or connective tissue, below the skin’s surface. Cellulite is more noticeable as we get older because when the skin gets thinner and fat cells enlarge, there’s a greater chance of cellulite standing out. Plus, the fibrous septae bands also thicken as we get older, which increases the dimples caused by cellulite. Losing weight might help a bit with cellulite if you are overweight, but it probably won’t get rid of it entirely. There are plenty of paparazzi photos of gorgeous, young celebrities sporting cellulite at the beach—proof that cellulite doesn’t play favorites.

Qwo is comprised of collagenase, a type of enzyme that has been shown to dissolve the structural foundation of cellulite. These injections release the fibrous bands with results that last up to two years. At the same time, these injections stimulate collagen production, the body’s natural fountain of youth. Everyone produces less collagen as they age, and collagen is responsible for skin that looks supple, smooth, and youthful. Collagen helps to even redistribute fat cells, too.

The Relationship Between Collagen and Cellulite

Releasing the bands that cause cellulite is key for an effective treatment, but collagen production is equally important. As we get older, the skin loses the ability to “snap back” like it used to, resulting in laxity and sagging. This appearance can mimic cellulite, but it’s not cellulite. Many women struggle with a combination of real cellulite and laxity in the buttocks, so a combination of fibrous septae release and collagen induction is necessary. Your aesthetician can help you differentiate between a genuine cellulite dimple and skin laxity. However, if you are a woman, there’s a good chance you have cellulite and can benefit from Qwo.

Know that the most common side effect of Qwo is bruising, which can be extensive (albeit temporary). When preparing for Qwo injections, it’s important to remember that bruising will be exacerbated and prolonged if you take aspirin or ibuprofen, as they are blood thinners. Avoid taking these OTC painkillers at least two weeks before your treatment. Some natural supplements may also thin the blood, such as fish oil. Discuss all your medications with your aesthetician. If you are taking prescription medications, work with your prescribing doctor to determine if you should temporarily stop—never stop taking prescription drugs without discussing it with your doctor.

Are you ready to fall in love with your booty? Learn if you’re a good candidate for Qwo! Women with cellulite in their buttocks can schedule a consult with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care by calling the office or filling out the online contact form.