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In what is arguably one of the busiest and most tech savvy places in Northern California, co-founder Zuzana Likar is a rarity within her field.  A highly trained, well-accredited and widely respected Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Zuzana has treated over 25,000 patients on two continents. She discusses innovative skin care and laser technologies as effortlessly (and as expertly) as those who discuss market valuations or seed capital requirements.

Often finding herself in the role of counselor, Zuzana brings her in-depth training and compassionate ethics into all of her personal consultations while espousing a message that improvement over time is the single greatest determinant in effective skin care. "I never push patients into unnecessary procedures and I am a firm believer that subtle change results in a more natural appearance" says Zuzana. ”We are using the most cutting edge products and laser technologies to subtly alter some of the more common tell-tale signs of aging but we’re NOT changing who you are,” she adds. "We’re making you look more refreshed, renewed and in many cases reversing years of sun damage – but it’s still you. It should never look like it’s NOT you and it shouldn’t look ‘done’ – because looking ‘done’ is far worse than looking old!"

"Both Zuzana and I pride ourselves on providing each client with the personal attention that they deserve and expect within a smaller boutique practice" adds Dr. Brown. "We consider our clients to be a part of our family and take a singular and collective approach in effectively addressing their skin problems."

Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care is motivated by what is best for their patients. Every member of the skin care team remains ethically committed to educating their patients with objective and expert counsel specifically tailored to their individual needs. Once an informed decision has been reached, the staff uses their considerable talents and abilities that are on par with many of the most talented skin specialists in the nation.









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