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Other laser and light technologies can be combined with the Fraxel Dual, such as the IPL, to achieve superior results. Most clients who benefit from the Fraxel Dual laser are in their 40s or 50s and are struggling with more serious hyperpigmentation, scarring, or advanced signs of aging.

Patients Best Suited for Fraxel Dual Laser:

  • Brown age spots (moderate to severe)
  • Deeper lines and wrinkles
  • Scarring and surface discoloration—including surgical scarring
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Sun damage

The Fraxel Dual’s tunability means that it offers ample flexibility to personalize every laser treatment session. On average, 4 – 6 days of downtime are required, so patients should plan their treatment accordingly.


On the spectrum of laser aggressiveness, the Fraxel Dual is a stronger option than the IPL therapy or the Clear + Brilliant. There are also laser options that are even more intensive than the Fraxel Dual, including the CO2 Fractionated laser and Classic CO2 laser resurfacing device.

The Fraxel Dual does require a few days of downtime, but it boasts the ability to offer very impressive results with minimal downtime compared to CO2 lasers. This laser is actually two in one, utilizing the 1927nm and 1550nm wavelengths. Your skilled laser expert will customize your laser resurfacing experience to explicitly address your unique skin, needs, and goals.

Dual Wavelengths of Fraxel Dual Laser:

The 1927nm wavelength is mainly used for treating superficial skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation on the top layers of the skin caused by sun damage. The 1550nm wavelength is designed to improve skin texture by reducing deeper scarring and lines. The two lasers can be used separately or together, depending on the client’s needs.


Fraxel Dual’s 1927nm wavelength does a fantastic job of treating pigmentation changes related to aging and excessive sun exposure. This includes sunspots, freckles, and even pre-cancerous lesions also known as Actinic Keratoses. Known as a “pigment buster,” the 1927nm facet of the Fraxel Dual is revolutionary with its Thulium wavelength feature.

This laser can also treat other surface-level skin concerns such as finer lines and generally poor skin texture. The 1550nm feature for resurfacing uses a non-ablative fractional approach to treat deeper skin areas and to improve wrinkles, scarring, tone, and texture. This part of the Fraxel Dual offers fast results but also continues to improve the skin in the weeks and months following treatment as it encourages collagen production.

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Fraxel DUAL FAQs

How long do results last from the Fraxel Dual?

Laser skin treatments like the one offered by the Fraxel Dual can reverse the signs of aging, but nothing can actually stop the skin’s aging process. Your skin will continue to age once the full results of the Fraxel Dual are realized, and depending on your lifestyle, if very active outdoors, will continue to be exposed to the sun. Together with infrequent maintenance treatments and effective home skin care regimen, you can extend your results long-term.

Does Fraxel Dual treat all skin types and tones?

Yes! The Fraxel Dual is safe and effective for every adult, although those with darker skin tones may be pre-treated with topical products for best results.

How many Fraxel Dual treatments will I need?

It depends because every laser treatment is customized for each client. However, for those strictly interested in treating surface-level issues, 3 treatments are recommended on average. Deeper resurfacing requires an average of 3 – 5 treatments. You will find out how many treatments are recommended for you during your consultation.

The recovery period when using the Fraxel Dual is 4 – 6 days. What can I expect during this time?

Since the Fraxel Dual is a non-ablative laser, there will be no open sores or rawness during the recovery period. However, many clients experience mild swelling, redness, and bronzing in case of the 1927nm wavelength when they are recovering from a Fraxel Dual treatment.

What does “non-ablative” laser mean?

Lasers can be separated into two categories, ablative and non-ablative. The Fraxel Dual is a non-ablative laser on either wavelength. This means that it heats up the underlying skin tissue and does not harm the surface, resulting in collagen stimulation and production and improvement of the overall texture. An ablative laser actually removes the top layer of skin, which is why recovery from an ablative laser treatment takes much longer and is more involved.

Fraxel DUAL Before & After

Individual results may vary, please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and we’ll put together a custom treatment plan that’s right for your skin.

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