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Smoother Look And Feel

Proper dermaplaning should only ever be performed by a professional. Only these experts have access to specific tools, along with the knowledge and training, to give you the best results safely. If you have seen dermaplaning tools for sale online or in stores, it is best to steer clear. Remember that real dermaplaning scalpels are only available exclusively to professionals in the field, so what you likely see for sale is a lower-grade, inauthentic product. Using one might result in sub-par results at best or infection or scarring at worst.


Dermaplaning is a fast, comfortable treatment with zero downtime and immediate results. There are many benefits to removing the fuzz and debris from the face, such as:

  • Enjoying a cleaner makeup application
  • Immediate removal of dead skin cells that can clog the pores and dull the skin
  • Allowing topical products to penetrate the skin better
  • A sharper jawline to help you look younger and slimmer
  • Being an enjoyable lunchtime treatment that’s easy to squeeze into your day

Dermaplaning Results And Recovery

Dermaplaning, of course, is not permanent and maintenance treatments are needed. Much like microneedling and other zero-downtime treatments, dermaplaning is considered a routine procedure that most clients opt for every 4 – 6 weeks. Although most people love dermaplaning for the look and feel, don’t overlook the benefits it reaps when used in conjunction with other treatments—both in-office and at-home. It can improve and sustain the results of laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion. It’s also a fantastic addition to a HydraFacial, particularly when the facial ends with the application of customized serums and boosters.

When we remove the debris from our face, this allows topicals to penetrate the skin better. In other words, anything you’re applying topically to the skin has to work to get through the top layer of debris in order to do its job. You can help these products work best with regular dermaplaning appointments. Many clients opt for a HydraFacial and dermaplaning combination in order to ensure they get the maximum results from topical treatments.

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Dermaplaning FAQs

Are there any serious risks to trying dermaplaning at home?

Unfortunately, yes. An improper or dull blade can be either ineffective or cause nicking and open wounds, which can lead to scarring and infections. It’s always best to be safe and only work with professionals for any in-office treatment, including dermaplaning.

Can anyone get dermaplaning?

Absolutely! All skin types and tones are excellent fits for dermaplaning. It’s also common for men to get dermaplaning, so if you have thicker facial hair then dermaplaning can still be for you.

Does dermaplaning hurt?

Not at all. It feels very much like shaving your face, albeit with a specialty blade rather than a razor.

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