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  • May

    CoolSculpting: Palo Alto, California

    Though Palo Alto weather usually doesn’t garner complaints, the temperature will only rise from here! The hotter the weather and the brighter the sun—the more you’re going to want to be bikini ready. Whether you buy your lunch or plan ahead, we want you to feel confident by the pool. The specialists at Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care have compiled a list of methods that can help you get fit, healthy and confident in your summer wardrobe.

  • Apr

    what is body shaping

    Frequent exercise and a healthy diet have done you good, but you’ve noticed yourself hitting a weight loss plateau. Now what can you do?

  • Mar

    What is CoolSculpting

    More than 3.5 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed worldwide, making it the top non-invasive fat reduction procedure. This treatment is FDA-cleared, non-invasive and downtime-free—so you can shape your body without going under the knife or missing out on any plans! CoolSculpting is truly one-of-a-kind, standing out among other body contouring treatments on the market.

  • May

    fat reduction palo alto

    It’s no secret that slimming down requires serious commitment—watching what you eat, exercising frequently and even taking supplements to promote overall health. But no matter how much hard work you may have put into your lifestyle change, it’s normal to hit a plateau. The good news? Your improvement doesn’t have to slow down or stop there.

  • Dec

    non invasive liposuction

    When you’ve worked so hard to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise, it can be discouraging to still notice stubborn fat on your body. For those who want to get rid of this stubborn fat, liposuction has become the go-to procedure throughout the years. While the results of liposuction may seem appealing, the process is invasive and requires downtime most of us do not have.

    We’re here to tell you about CoolSculpting—a liposuction alternative that eliminates stubborn fat with absolutely no surgery, needles or downtime.

  • Jun

    Freeze and Eliminate Fat Cells: Palo Alto Laser

    Getting a summer-ready body takes time—and effort! While everyone’s body is different, the key to achieving and maintaining your desired shape and weight comes down to a combination of diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this combo doesn’t always deliver the results we desire.

    One of the biggest reasons people don’t reach their weight loss goals? We’re often just too busy! If you’re unable to make evening workout classes or dedicate hours to food prep, your goals seem to slip further and further away. Thankfully there are options that can help!

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