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I cannot say enough about how wonderful Zuzana is. Not only is she so knowledgeable about skin, she takes a thoughtful and individualized approach to treatment and she couldn't be nicer. I have seen her for IPL and Vbeam (redness and uneven skin tone), and my skin has never looked better. She has also helped the improvement of a few scars, which she did for free during my other treatments given the lasers were the same. What truly sets Zuzana apart though is her demeanor- she is kind and clearly cares about her patients. She takes the time to explain things thoroughly and answers any and all questions that come up. Recently I had a terrible experience with another nurse nearby who made me feel like something was wrong with my skin and that I was at risk for permanent damage. While her concerns may have been valid, she spoke to me in a way that was condescending and rude, and bullied me into feeling scared, stupid, and embarrassed. Right after this occurred I happened to be walking by Palo Alto Laser, and I stopped in to see if Zuzana had a minute so I could get her opinion. Even though I didn't have an appointment and this had nothing to do with any treatment I'd had with her, Zuzana took the time to take a look at my skin and assure me there was nothing to worry about. I wanted to cry I was so grateful, not just because everything was fine but because she was so kind about it. Medical professionals like Zuzana are few and far between. If you have any skin concerns, I can't recommend her strongly enough.



I walked into Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care because of the convenience of the location to my office. I came in for laser hair removal and have no idea how I survived before. Everyone at this clinic is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, always greeted with warm and friendly faces. Stacy has been my clinician since my very first treatment and she is truly amazing, extremely nice and makes you feel beyond comfortable in not such comfortable circumstances. Do i think you can laser hair removal for cheaper other places, absolutely, but i know friends who have the same amount of sessions on areas who do not have the same results as me so this is worth the money. Would never tell anyone to go anywhere else! Thanks Stacy & Team.



I love Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care! I went for laser hair removal years ago (recommended by a few friends). I got a few packages for legs and underarms and have been really happy with the results. I'm recently back to touch up underarms and deal with a few other things...everyone there is so knowledgeable and helpful. Recently I've seen both Stacy and Ginger--both awesome. Front desk staff is friendly and helpful and willing to answer questions about treatments as well. Treatments are not cheap but they are worth it--best money I ever spent! And, they have specials on packages throughout the year. I highly recommend this facility for laser hair removal and/or checking on spots and discoloration.



I love this place and Alexis is a huge reason why. As a relatively young guy, I was a bit uneasy about the stigma around getting skin treatments, but Alexis made me feel comfortable about the whole process. She genuinely explained how popular skin treatments are among men and patiently answered my many questions with clarity. Her warmth and proficiency at her job seemed to rub off on those around her and created a very welcoming environment for everyone there.

And hey, sometimes mistakes happen! So when a new girl made a minor accounting error, Alexis jumped in to clean it all up and refund the money back to my credit card, immediately with no hassle. This is one of many examples I've seen there that is reflective of strong teamwork. And when a customer service team is strong, they pass on that excellence to their clients.

The quality of the work is also premium, but pictures are worth 1K words, so you're better off checking them on the site. If you like them, know that you'll have great interactions as well, especially if you get to meet Alexis -a very cool lady.



I can't say enough about Dr. Likar and this clinic. To begin with, Dr. Likar is very knowledgeable. I did my research before coming here, and she mentioned all the right things and then did all the right things. I had the Erbium laser treatment done, which is a tough thing to go through. But she talked me through it and gave me great after care. No question was treated as stupid. And I love love love the results. The frosting on the cake? She had one of the better priced packages around. I am so glad I took my needs here, and will take my aesthetic needs to PAL&SC in the future.

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