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Treats the submental fullness- what most of us call the double chin- is an extraordinary common concern that, until recently, didn't have a targeted solution in aesthetic medicine. But FDA- approved Kybella  changed the landscape completely, offering patients an exciting, minimally invasive approach to slimming the area beneath the chin. 

Kybella uses an active ingredient called deoxycholic acid to safely dissolve fat. This ingredient occurs naturally in the digestive tract. There, its main functionality is breaking down fat in the the foods we eat, making them easier to digest and metabolize. When administered to the fat beneath your skin, it goes to work breaking it down into small enough particles to ensure it's processed and eliminated by the body. 
Most patients achieve optimal results after two to four treatment sessions spaced several weeks apart. Over time, the targeted fat gradually breaks down and shrinks, leaving behind attractive, contoured profile. Typically the results created by Kybella can last indefinitely.

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