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Earlobe Repair

Damage to the earlobe can happen in many ways, such as during an improper ear piercing or after wearing heavy earrings for many years. Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care offers expert earlobe repair as a fast outpatient surgical procedure. Some clients opt for earlobe repair if they decide to forego gauged earlobes and others have experienced an unfortunate tearing of the earlobe when a piercing gets snagged. If you are unsatisfied with a gauging, piercing hole, or other trauma to the earlobe, earlobe repair surgery is a quick option to regain the integrity of the earlobe.

In the case of an earlobe tear, you may suffer either a partial or complete tear. A partial tear does not extend to the border of the earlobe and in these cases,  it is still possible to wear earrings after the tear has healed—though not in a symmetrical manner.

A complete tear extends all the way to the border of the ear, making it impossible to wear an earring. Regardless of the type of tear and the severity, earlobe repair surgery can help by:

  • Repairing and closing partial and complete tears
  • Restoring symmetry to the earlobes
  • Allowing clients to wear typically-sized earrings once again
  • Decreasing the size of the earlobes

Did you know that our earlobes continue to grow as they elongate with age? Take a look around at those 60+ year-olds and you’ll see that they tend to have larger and/or longer earlobes than younger people.

Although earlobe repair surgery is most often requested for torn or stretched-out earlobes due to trauma or jewelry damage, earlobe reduction surgery takes a similar approach. It helps clients look younger and increases their self-confidence by ensuring an earlobe that looks smaller and more youthful.

Earlobe Repair Before and After Photos*

Individual results may vary, please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and we’ll put together a custom treatment plan that’s right for your skin.

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FAQs About Earlobe Repair

Is earlobe repair a painful surgery?2020-11-06T08:58:35-07:00

No. Clients are numbed for the procedure, and you can also further increase comfort (and decrease anxiety) by requesting Pro-Nox. Discomfort after the numbing wears off is similar to the feeling after getting your earlobes pierced.

How fast is earlobe surgery?2020-11-06T08:57:52-07:00

In most cases the procedure takes 15 – 30 minutes per earlobe.

How soon can I re-pierce my ears?2020-11-06T08:57:15-07:00

Earlobes heal very well. Most clients can re-pierce their ears if they wish 6 -8 weeks post-surgery. And you are in luck as Palo Alto Laser &Skin Care experts offer piercing and re-piercing services!

How quick is the recovery period for earlobe repair?2020-11-06T08:56:32-07:00

Pretty quick! On the day of the surgery, clients are sent home with dressing covering the repair. This dressing is only necessary for 24 hours after the surgery. You will receive instructions for post-care, including regular cleaning and samples of a healing ointment. It is important not to sleep on the repaired ears or put any pressure on them (such as headphones) for one-week post-surgery. Otherwise, all other normal activities can take place. Showering is allowed 24 hours after the surgery.

How does earlobe repair work?2020-11-06T08:55:18-07:00

General anesthesia is not required. Instead, a local anesthetic numbs the area and a specialized technique is used to repair and reconstruct the earlobe based on the type and complexity of the damage. Scar tissue is removed from any previous trauma during this brief procedure, as scars can interfere with proper healing. The earlobe is then stitched closed.