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Which treatments go best with dermal fillers?


There are many non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatments that complement dermal fillers. Consider Botox to stop and minimize wrinkles, Kybella to dissolve unwanted fat below the chin, or Fraxel Dual to

Which treatments go best with dermal fillers?2020-10-21T04:50:22-07:00

How can I avoid “duck lips?”


A reputable professional will never give a patient duck lips or any other unintended look that can be avoided when using dermal fillers. Duck lips are caused by a combination

How can I avoid “duck lips?”2020-10-21T04:49:12-07:00

Is there any downtime with fillers?


There is usually only minimal downtime when undergoing HA fillers, especially when blunt cannula is used. However, the injection site can be swollen and tender for a few days after

Is there any downtime with fillers?2020-10-21T04:48:38-07:00