What can you expect when you choose Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care? Let our current clients tell you! Reviews from third-party sites are a fantastic way to discover what others have to say about their experience, treatments, and results. Reviews are the contemporary “word of mouth” way to find the leaders in any industry, including laser skin clinics. Contact our office to book an appointment today – (650) 565-8683.

Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about their experience:

“As any good business, they always confirm appointments as it approaches, are always on time when I arrive, and reception staff are welcoming. I definitely recommend Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. They have in-house doctors…so one can be assured they do procedures correctly and safely! I’ve been a satisfied customer now for a few years.”

Suzy G., Real Patient Results*

“I get treatment for mild pre-varicose veins from this place and am very satisfied with the results, which allow me to wear skirts that hit above the knee, confidently and happily.”

Natalya, Real Patient Results*

“I came here to receive Vbeam treatment for leftover red marks from acne. At first, I was a bit nervous since I usually go to [Anonymous] because I like my skin treated by a board certified dermatologist. But they were all booked for Vbeam for the month so I had to try somewhere new. During my consultation…all my worries went away. She was so professional, easy to talk to, answered all my questions truthfully and put me at ease.”

Johanna L., Real Patient Results*

“I have been going here for tattoo removal and have been very happy with my experience so far. I’ve gone for six sessions and my tattoo has faded and is now just a light outline that is much easier to cover up with makeup … they are always very fast and professional. The prices are competitive.”

Sarah W., Real Patient Results*

“My review is way overdue!  Zuzana is wonderful & very, very sensitive to her patient’s needs.  She did Fraxel laser under my eyes several times.  I had an issue with wrinkling and darkness due to eczema.  It’s at least 6 months since my series of treatments & I’m so happy with my results!  The wrinkles under my eyes have diminished greatly, the darkness has faded & I look like a normal person again!”

Christine S., Real Patient Results*

“I have been coming here for a couple of years now for tattoo removal and couldn’t be happier. The team is awesome, and the results are fantastic. I highly recommend coming here for a consultation.”

Abbey T., Real Patient Results*

“I had gotten my Botox done by Zuzana on my forehead and have loved the results so far! I had also done Clear and Brilliant in the past for some pigmentation on my face! The whole staff is really awesome, can’t wait to book my next appointment with them!”

Maru G., Real Patient Results*

“As a 30 year old man who never deals with cosmetic anything, walking in here to take care of a small ruptured blood vessel on my face/lip was a first for any dermatology repair. This place was an excellent choice for a lot of reasons: price was competitive and reasonable, treatment was quick, and the staff was professional. Everything was explained carefully and things went according to plan.”

Jon O. , Real Patient Results*

“Love this place!  Office staff is professional, nice and courteous. Zuzana is great at treatments as well as offering her honest opinion on what will work/make a difference and what will not. Part of me did not want to promote this business because it is a nice kept secret!”

Molly B., Real Patient Results*

“Poof! Body hair be gone! Now although this review may be long overdue, the timing is fitting since it takes several sessions to complete the process that is laser hair removal…I also want to mention that the staff in its entirety are to be praised for their level of knowledge, professionalism, and customer service.”

Alexandra F., Real Patient Results*

“I have been to Palo Alto laser and skin care a few times. I feel like family now and feel lucky to have found this place!!!!! Zuzana and Susan are awesome. I will keep coming back!”

Lucy J., Real Patient Results*

“I have had a 2 sclero therapy treatments in this office. The staff is great super friendly and Zuzana the Nurse Practitioner is highly skilled and knowledgeable.”

Dora O., Real Patient Results*

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Likar and this clinic. To begin with, Dr. Likar is very knowledgeable. I did my research before coming here, and she mentioned all the right things and then did all the right things … no question was treated as stupid. And I love love love the results. The frosting on the cake? She had one of the better priced packages around. I am so glad I took my needs here, and will take my aesthetic needs to PAL&SC in the future.”

Linda H., Real Patient Results*

“This place is the best! She’s knowledgeable, fast, and her treatments are effective. Palo Alto laser and skin care stays up to date with all the latest machines and products. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Katy O., Real Patient Results*

“I walked into Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care because of the convenience of the location to my office. I came in for laser hair removal and have no idea how I survived before. Everyone at this clinic is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, always greeted with warm and friendly faces. Would never tell anyone to go anywhere else!”

Kaitlyn M., Real Patient Results*