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Botox for a Dimpled Chin: One First-Hand Account

Botox for a Dimpled Chin: One First-Hand Account | Palo Alto Laser

Dimpled chin lowering your self-esteem? We aren’t talking about a cute cleft or singular, youthful dimple, but rather the dimpling that comes with age and lost facial volume. Botox can do just about anything, including giving you back a smooth, younger-looking chin. It’s one of the most popular injectables at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care (and around the globe). Recently, Johanna Ferreira talked with PopSugar about her chin Botox experience, what it was like, and why she loves the results.

Also known as “orange-peel chin,” dimpled chins are one of the lesser talked about signs of aging. There are some topicals that claim to help, and although moisturized skin is always going to look plumper and healthier, there’s no cream that will correct chin dimpling. When the chin muscles are overactive, or are more visible due to facial volume loss, the only way to stop dimpling is by stopping muscle movement. Ferreira put off Botox in this area for years, scared that it would affect her smile (spoiler: it doesn’t). She didn’t see the dimpling in the mirror, but it started to show up more and more in selfies and other photos. She also compared it to “dimpled resting B face” whenever her mouth was closed (due to unconscious clenching). When she heard that her sister’s wedding photographer specialized in candid photos, she finally decided to do something about it.

Botox for Every Part of the Face

Ferreira was nervous because although Botox is a time-tested solution for lines and wrinkles, there’s not a lot of online accounts about Botoxing the chin. However, Botox is one of the safest in-office procedures. Her doctor explained to her that “an orange-peel chin is the term used to describe a textural change with grooves, dimples, and a pitting appearance of the chin when you are puckering or sometimes resting … the dimpling is caused because part of this muscle is superficial and inserts into the skin of the chin.” In other words, even quite young people can have orange-peel chin, but we are more inclined towards it as we get older.

Ferreira needed just two injection spots on her chin for the best results. It’s critical that only the mentalis muscle is injected with Botox, rather than adjacent muscles, otherwise smiles can be compromised. This is yet another reason to only see a skilled injector for Botox or fillers, such as those at our clinic that are all personally trained by Zuzana Likar. Results from any Botox injection are not immediate, but appear within about 4 – 7 days post-injection. Results are also temporary, lasting 3 – 6 months on average. However, Ferreira noticed some improvement after just one day. One week later, she found her chin to be totally dimple-free and smooth. “The best part was I looked just like myself,” she says, “only without the dimpled chin.”

Chin Up

As a bonus, Botox in the chin is one of the most affordable sites because relatively little Botox is needed. One year later, Ferreira says she maintains her Botox sessions because it has “greatly improved” her chin dimples. Even when the Botox starts to wear off (at about four months for her), the dimpling comes back slowly and subtly. She’s proud to say, “I’m fortunate to be at a place with my self-esteem and body image where there is literally nothing else on my face that bothers me.” She also appreciates taking a preventative approach to chin dimpling, as Botox is known for weakening muscles that cause unwanted dimpling, lines, or wrinkles. When people are young, dimples and wrinkles are dynamic. But as we age, they become more static. Botox can help delay that process.

Ferreira encourages anyone with the same issue to consider Botox. “When I experienced how simple and safe my Botox procedure was—along with my natural-looking results—I began reframing my perception of beauty injectables,” she says. If you’re interested in finding out more about Botox to treat any dimpling, lines, wrinkles, or creases, contact Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today by calling the office or filling out the online contact form.

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