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Fillers and Botox Make the Perfect Pair

Fillers and Botox Make the Perfect Pair | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

Dermal fillers and neuromodulators like Botox have long been the most popular of treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. It might seem like Botox and fillers are so common that just about anyone can inject them, but that can be a big mistake. At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, Zuzana Likar trains her staff to the highest of standards so you can rest easy knowing your injector is highly skilled and experienced. Botox and dermal fillers are not permanent, lasting an average of 5 – 12 months, but you deserve to have the best results during those months.

Dermal fillers and Botox are two very different treatments, but can sometimes yield similar results. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two. Botox and its counterparts, such as Dysport, work by temporarily freezing targeted muscles. The most common injection sites for Botox are between the brows, along the forehead, and around the eyes. When muscles can’t create wrinkles and frown lines, these imperfections disappear (or fail to appear, if treated early). Botox is also increasingly being used as a preventative measure by younger clients. You can “train” muscles that cause wrinkles to be weaker, which means they simply won’t have the strength to create frown lines and, ultimately, early wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Most dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which already occurs naturally in the body. Using HA means that there is very little chance of your body rejecting the fillers. The results of HA dermal fillers are immediate, but there is some swelling to be expected. The final results are typically visible after about 2 – 4 weeks. Dermal fillers literally “fill” the target site with a synthetic HA.

Fillers can be placed in just about any part of the face, along the jawline, and even on the tops of the hands. However, there are many types of fillers even within the same “family.” For example, Juvederm and Restylane both offer a wide variety of fillers, each designed for specific places on the body. The composition of each filler is slightly different to achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking results.

Many clients opt for dermal fillers to restore the volume they’ve lost over the years or achieve volume they’ve never had. However, an inherent result of dermal fillers is also the minimization of wrinkles. When volume is brought back, skin appears less lax. It’s no wonder that dermal fillers and Botox have gone hand in hand for so long.

The Many Off-Label Uses of Botox

Botox has been a client favorite for decades. However, there are also a number of very popular off-label uses for Botox, such as stopping and preventing migraines, putting an end to excessive sweating, and even giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip. The latest, called the “Lip Flip,” uses just Botox to flip out the upper lip for a more voluminous pout.

Here’s how it works: an expert injector places tiny amounts of Botox in just the right locations along the upper lip. This temporary muscle paralysis forces the upper lip “out” to reveal more of the inner pink of the lip. It can look very similar to a dermal filler in the upper lip, but even more natural.

However, it’s critical to only trust an expert injector with a lip flip or any Botox or dermal filler treatment. Lip flips are inherently more delicate and demanding. A “botched” lip flip isn’t dangerous, but can give you a flat smile that you won’t want to show off for the next few months. You deserve one the best when it comes to your treatments, which is exactly what Zuzana and her team at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care promises.

To learn more about the many uses of dermal fillers and Botox, book your complimentary consultation or appointment today. We can help you look and feel your best just in time for summer vacation and beyond. Contact Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care right now by completing the online form or calling the office.

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