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Can You Get Dermal Fillers and the COVID Vaccine? (Yes!)

Can You Get Dermal Fillers and the COVID Vaccine? (Yes!) | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

At the end of 2020, you may have seen headlines that warned about COVID vaccinations causing swelling in dermal filler sites. At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, we are committed to transparency when it comes to any potential risks with treatments—and the risk of a COVID vaccine causing swelling in dermal filler sites is so small that it’s almost sure not to happen. However, when analyzing the safety of any drug or treatment (especially a new treatment that was “rushed,” such as the COVID vaccinations), the FDA rightly must share any and all findings.

The reality is that only three people in a study of hundreds had an adverse reaction to COVID vaccinations at their dermal filler site. This figure was often not included in headlines and, unfortunately, sometimes not even in the story itself. Plus, headlines also failed to mention that such swelling is rare but possible with any kind of vaccination including the common flu vaccine. That’s right, there have been isolated incidents of people experiencing swelling in dermal filler sites after a flu shot, and that has been the case for many years.

The Reality of Filler Reactions

It’s actually not surprising that a vaccination might cause delayed swelling in dermal filler sites. Simply put, everyone’s body is different and there are rare side effects possible with any vaccination and with any cosmetic treatment. It’s important to bear in mind that COVID-related stories are simply great news fodder and click bait at the moment. The reality is that in a very long document that detailed the efficacy of COVID vaccinations, there was one sentence that mentioned “delayed” swelling in those with dermal fillers and that became an international headline. You may have also noticed that those headlines only lasted a couple of weeks and there has been virtually no mention of them since.

You might be thinking, “Doesn’t swelling occur in most cases with dermal filler?” Yes, but what makes this reaction unique is that it’s delayed. In the case of COVID vaccines, vaccinations caused swelling at dermal filler sites weeks and even months after both the vaccination and the dermal filler were administered. It’s very common to be a little swollen right after getting dermal fillers. It’s not common at all to experience swelling weeks or months later. This delayed reaction also makes it very difficult to gauge what exactly caused the swelling.

Taking Care of Yourself

At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, we encourage you to do what’s best for you in terms of your health and safety. If getting vaccinated is in your best interest and what you want to do, you do not have to stop getting dermal fillers in order to do so. It’s okay if you have dermal fillers and are about to get your COVID vaccine regardless of when you got your dermal filler. We also take the stance that it’s okay to get dermal fillers after you get your COVID vaccine.

Ultimately, we encourage our clients to do what is best for them on every level, whether it be their health or their cosmetic treatments that boost their self-confidence. Some people have revealed that they have delayed or avoided getting vaccinated (even though they want to) because they worry about swelling in dermal filler sites. Know that this reaction is extremely rare, and if you do have delayed swelling it is very easy and simple to treat with a prescription oral medication. Your doctor can prescribe this to you right away to subside swelling, and know that the swelling itself is not dangerous.

Information is Key with Dermal Fillers

We appreciate that our clients are committed to putting their safety first, but know that this doesn’t have to come at the cost of your beloved treatments. The numbers don’t lie: the amount of people who experience delayed swelling from COVID vaccines is so small that it should not be a worry for you. And if it is? Simply make sure you keep an eye out for any unusual, delayed swelling and know how to contact your general physician in case a reaction does happen and you require a prescription to treat it.

We are dedicated to the safety and happiness of all of our clients. That’s why Zuzana Likar personally trains every staff member to her impeccable standards for every treatment, including dermal fillers. Remember that the skill of the injector is just as important as the dermal filler itself in achieving beautiful and safe results. To schedule your dermal filler, connect with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care by completing the online form or calling the office.

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