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The Grand Finale of the HydraFacial Elite

The Grand Finale of the HydraFacial Elite | Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care

Why get a facial when you can experience HydraFacial Elite? Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care offers this indulgent treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts gunk from pores, and infuses skin with medical-grade topicals in a luxurious 30-minute treatment. The original HydraFacial had all the celebrities talking, but HydraFacial Elite takes the treatment to the next level as it is capable of treating the delicate areas around the eyes and the lips. So, what makes this technology so special? Let’s take a closer look.

When it comes to getting silky, baby-smooth skin, you’re going to need more than just a topical (which is the usual approach with a facial, even an in-office one). HydraFacial Elite truly exfoliates the skin using vortex technology, removing debris and preparing the skin for the ultimate treatment. You can take this a step further by adding dermaplaning onto your session first, which uses a specialized scalpel to remove not just debris but also peach fuzz from the face (this is the only way to remove this fuzz safely, save for waxing or sugaring, which can irritate the skin).

Stage 2 of HydraFacial Elite

As the handheld mini “wet vac” exfoliates the skin, it also delves deep into the pores to clear them out and get rid of all that gunk that can include sebum (oil), sunscreen and other topicals, makeup, and environmental pollutants. Unlike squeezing the pores to clean them, which can cause irritation and small cuts (which can lead to infection), HydraFacial Elite safely cleanses out the pores in order to prepare the skin for the final stage: immersion.

It’s simply impossible to compare medical-grade products to designer or OTC products. Medical-grade options simply work better because they are the only products that can legally have the best active ingredients in the highest concentrations. However, when you have peach fuzz, debris, and clogged pores, there’s only so much any topical can do. HydraFacial Elite ensures your skin is truly clean and ready to accept these products.

The Final Stages

Finally, your session ends with your provider applying medical-grade products selected just for you. This is a fantastic way to try out new-to-you products without committing to the whole bottle. Your skin will never be as prepped for products as it is at the end of a HydraFacial Elite session. Plus, many products are designed specifically to treat the eyes and lips, making the HydraFacial Elite a natural choice over its predecessor that couldn’t access these delicate areas.

You might think the unbelievably smooth skin at the end of your treatment is the best part—but for many, it’s actually the big reveal of what was on and in your skin. When you get a HydraFacial Elite treatment, you should arrive without anything on the skin. However, skin is still cleansed first to get rid of any residual sunscreen, makeup, or moisturizer. The wet vac vortex technology stores the liquids used during the treatment in a clear tube so you can actually see what was lurking on your skin. At the end of a treatment, these tubes are yellowish at best and sometimes brown. No matter how well you clean your skin at home, HydraFacial Elite goes above and beyond what you can achieve by yourself.

Scheduling Your HydraFacial Elite Today

One of the best parts of this treatment is that it’s so gentle and the results are immediate. You’ll see a significant glow post-treatment and can immediately apply other topicals, too. A lot of people get a HydraFacial Elite treatment the morning of a big event (and you’ll be amazed by how smoothly makeup can be applied after these treatments). Whether you want to look and feel your best for a special event or opt for monthly maintenance sessions to keep that glow, a HydraFacial Elite is suitable for everyone with all skin types and tones.

Complimentary consultations are available for all treatments at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, but a consultation is not required for HydraFacial Elite. Schedule your appointment today by calling the office, or complete the online contact form for the fastest response.

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