Kybella For Double Chin

Kybella is a minimally invasive option of removing fat that presents as double chin or “turkey wattle”. During a series of injections, each spaced several weeks apart, Kybella delivers deoxycholic acid directly to the targeted site. This type of acid is already synthesized in the body as a secondary bile acid and is otherwise known as a fat buster that quickly and effectively destroys unwanted fat cells. However, Kybella concentrates this acid and an expert injector at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care ensures that the perfect amount of fat is destroyed* so that clients can enjoy a defined jawline without excess fat. In just a few sessions that double chin can be dissolved without the need for invasive surgery. Once fat is actually destroyed, rather than shrunk through diet and exercise, those specific fat cells can never return.

In the past, liposuction was the only way to target and remove unwanted pockets of fat. However, liposuction is a surgery and carries all of the inherent risks of surgery. Kybella is non-surgical and every session involves a “stamp” of needles injected directly into the double chin. There is minimal downtime for few days as some clients do experience tenderness and redness for 1 – 2 days post-injection and some swelling. Still, the majority of clients feel perfectly fine to immediately continue their daily tasks.

Benefits Of Kybella

There are numerous benefits to Kybella, including:

  • Permanent removal of unwanted submental fat that causes the double chin
  • Look younger, slimmer, and healthier with more defined jawline
  • Minimal downtime, no scarring, and no anesthesia necessary
  • Natural-looking results

Kybella Results and Recovery

The exact number of Kybella sessions needed will depend on each individual client needs, but 3 – 5 sessions is the average. Time is needed between injections to allow the deoxycholic acid to dissolve the targeted fat. Kybella is only effective, when injected in the right depth and at the right anatomical area. That is a key reason why you should only trust a Kybella expert with extensive experience and training with your treatment.

Individual results may vary, please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and we’ll put together a custom treatment plan that’s right for your skin.

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FAQs About Kybella

How quickly will I see results from Kybella?2020-10-21T05:31:00-07:00

Patients often start to see results about three to four weeks after the first treatment. However, full results may take up to three months after the final treatment. It takes a little time for the deoxycholic acid to complete the dissolvement of fat, but this slow and steady process minimizes the risk of sudden fat loss that may cause lax skin below the chin.

I would prefer Kybella, but am worried about discomfort. Is there anything Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care can offer to help?2020-10-21T05:30:18-07:00

Absolutely! Pro-Nox is available for patients who want maximum comfort during virtually any procedure. Patient comfort always comes first, which is why Pro-Nox is an option. This patient-managed device delivers a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide for a pleasant treatment experience. It is often requested for Kybella and injectables, cyst removals, hernia treatments, CO2 resurfacing, and many other procedures.

Is Kybella better than CoolMini?2020-10-21T05:28:44-07:00

Not necessarily. Kybella and CoolMini both work by permanently removing unwanted fat cells, just in different ways. Some patients prefer one to the other. Discussing the benefits of both Kybella and CoolMini is something that can take place during your complimentary consultation. Kybella tends to be a better choice for fine-tuning and contouring, while CoolMini is a good option for debulking larger adipose tissue (fat) pockets, that is why they are both used in many cases as a combination treatment, delivering superb results.

I don’t like needles, but I also don’t want surgery. Is there any other alternative that permanently removes submental fat that causes a double chin?2020-10-21T05:28:03-07:00

Yes! CoolMini is part of the CoolSculpting family, but is designed specifically to treat double chins. It freezes away targeted, unwanted fat to contour the jawline and chin. It is completely non-invasive with no needles and no downtime. Patients typically require a similar number of sessions for both Kybella and CoolMini, about 3 – 5 on average.