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Why In-Office Microneedling is Better than DIY At-Home Attempts

Why In-Office Microneedling is Better than DIY | Palo Alto Laser

Unfortunately, there have been a number of recent cases where people attempted DIY microneedling—either through buying an at-home “kit” or completely taking a DIY approach (including making the microneedling tool). Although microneedling is considered a minimally invasive procedure with no downtime, using the wrong equipment or performing microneedling without the required training and experience can be futile at best and cause permanent damage at worse.

Microneedling was first used at the turn of the last century, designed to undo severe scarring and skin damage (typically caused by warfare). It is one of the earliest forms of collagen induction therapy and works by creating numerous micro-channels (also known as micro-injuries) in the skin. When the skin is damaged, it “tells” the body to start producing collagen at the injury site in order to heal. This is true of all kinds of injuries, including controlled injuries that are invisible to the naked eye. Sometimes small areas of pinprick bleeding occur with microneedling, but this subsides by the time the client leaves. Your skin may be pink for a few hours, but otherwise there is no sign of injury—however, below the skin’s surface, your body is hard at work increasing collagen production and, in turn, healthier more youthful skin.

Why Collagen Matters

Collagen and elastin are the cornerstones of youthful skin. Our bodies produce a lot of it when we are young, but much less as we age. Without enough collagen, our skin loses elasticity and plumpness. Fortunately, collagen induction therapy can undo this. Microneedling remains one of the best, most popular means of collagen induction therapy in the past 120 years. Of course, there have also been many advances in the technology, tools, and techniques over the years and only trained microneedling professionals have the skills to safely give you the best results.

You might see “at-home microneedling kits” for sale online or in stores. Keep in mind that only professionals and clinics can legally purchase medical-grade, proper microneedling tools. This means that either the kits are being sold illegally, or they are a non-professional alternative that is not effective (and oftentimes not safe). In order to achieve collagen induction with microneedling in a safe and controlled manner, the needles must be the ideal depth, width, and material for your skin. It is simply impossible to ensure this with any kind of DIY approach.

What to Expect with In-Office Treatments

Results from any collagen induction therapy are not immediate. It takes your body time to produce collagen, so microneedling is a long game. It is also not a one and done procedure because all of the collagen we create—either naturally or via induction therapy—is going to fade. Instead, microneedling and other such procedures are considered routine. Most clients opt for monthly sessions in order to get and maintain results that they love. Microneedling is also a popular add-on to other treatments such as the HydraFacial or dermaplaning.

Since microneedling inherently requires the creation of micro-channels in the skin, it comes with an added perk. It opens the skin up to best receive medical-grade topicals (such as those that are used in HydraFacial). Even the best topicals can’t penetrate the skin by themselves as deeply as microneedling allows. You can take advantage of this temporary “open skin” and opt for facials or a HydraFacial during your appointment.

Finding the Best Treatment Plan for You

Microneedling is suitable for healthy skin of all ages and can be used on all skin types. However, open wounds and lesions should be healed before microneedling occurs. You can also start microneedling at any time of season, and summer is a great time to start your microneedling treatment plan. With no downtime, this procedure that works from the inside out is ideal for lunchtime breaks and busy schedules.

Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care offers professional, in-office microneedling that uses medical-grade tools only available to professionals such as medical day spas. Additionally, every provider at our clinic is personally trained by Zuzana Likar to the highest of standards. Schedule your complimentary consultation or microneedling appointment at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today by calling the office or completing the online form.

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