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Microneedling for Gorgeous Skin: It Really is This Easy

Microneedling for Gorgeous Skin: It Really is This Easy | Palo Alto Laser

Microneedling holds the title of being one of the most established and well-known treatments—but how exactly does it work? Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care recommends microneedling as a standalone treatment or as a fantastic add-on to virtually any other treatment. Microneedling should only ever be performed by professionals because even though it’s a pain-free, minimally invasive procedure, you deserved pro-grade equipment that is not available to the general public.

Microneedling works because our body responds to trauma experienced, regardless of size, in two ways. First, it rushes blood to the injured site. Our blood is packed with growth factors and platelets. These elements help heal the body, but they also provide incredible aesthetic benefits such as clearer, glowing skin. Secondly, our body responds by creating a surge of collagen at the injured site. We all produce less collagen as we age, but micro-injuries can force the body to start up collagen production once more exactly where we want it.

Technically, microneedling is the creation of thousands of little injuries on the skin. These injuries are not “open,” so there is no pain and no risk of infection. In fact, you can’t even see the injuries—but trust that they are there. The only tell-tale sign is that the treatment site will look a little pink after your session. This is a good thing because you know your blood (along with its healing properties) is responding as it should. This pinkness will go away on its own after a couple of hours.

The Power to Heal Your Own Skin

Microneedling results are not immediate, just like you don’t recover from an accidental injury immediately. That’s why microneedling is considered a routine treatment that should be undertaken every few weeks. You will start to notice more beautiful skin a few days after each treatment, and it will continue to improve in the weeks following. Collagen takes some time to be synthesized, but rest assured that your microneedling session is indeed yielding the desired results.

However, only professional microneedling devices used by experts will give you the safe results you want. You may be tempted by the microneedling “devices” for sale in stores or online. If they are legally being sold to the public, they simply are not of the caliber that you will find in an office setting. They may be useless at best or dangerous at worst.

Microneedling Devices

Genuine microneedling devices are equipped with specific needles with precise materials, lengths, and diameters. This is an absolute must in order to ensure skin health and to avoid injuring the skin. Sometimes there’s not much of a difference between a professional, safe device and one that will create scarring or lead to infection. It’s also critical to never try a DIY microneedling session, even if you do happen to secure a professional-grade device. It’s impossible to know how to properly maneuver a microneedling tool without training.

Unfortunately, there have been several instances of DIY microneedling that have not ended well. In some cases, the “fix” for these experiments was professional microneedling! Save yourself the worry, hassle, and dangers and only trust a pro with your microneedling needs.

The Body at Work: How Microneedling Speeds Up Results

Once you see the results of microneedling, you’ll know why clients consider this a must on a regular basis. You can continue to coax your body into creating collagen where you want it, but this will require regular sessions. Collagen is the secret to skin that is plump, youthful, dewy, clear, and glowing. It’s completely natural, and microneedling is simply a way of manipulating the body to reverse the signs of aging. Clients love microneedling because there’s no downtime and there’s no use of foreign materials or ingredients. You’re depending completely on your own body and own collagen production to look and feel your best.

If you’re thinking about microneedling for an upcoming event, book your treatment today. You will start to see results about one week after the treatment, so plan accordingly. You can also immediately get back to your daily tasks, wear makeup or sunscreen, and go about your day after microneedling, meaning that very little prep work is needed. Call Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today at (408) 688-2082 to book your treatment.

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