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Counterfeit and Fake Skin Care Products Increase in India (and Around the Globe)

Counterfeit and Fake Skin Care Products | Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care

What’s the harm in buying counterfeit or fake skin care products from shady sites? It can be quite steep—especially considering that your skin is an organ that needs and deserves only high-quality products to stay healthy. Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care exclusively offers medical-grade skin care products. We are always happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation to match you with the best products for your goals, or you can simply start shopping at our online store right now. Bear in mind that it’s a good idea to get a consultation at the start of each season because environmental shifts can wreak havoc on our skin.

But is it really that big of a deal if you score a fake “luxury” skin care product at a steal? The bigger question is if you want to risk it. In reality, the only products you should be using are medical-grade and purchased from a reputable provider like a medical day spa. There are certainly countless so-called decadent skin care products selling for thousands of dollars with ingredients like gold, but even these products cannot legally contain the active ingredients that really help your skin in the highest concentrations.

Get a fake or counterfeit luxury skin care product, and you have no idea what you’re applying to your skin. It is often fillers and fluff, such as bargain bin moisturizers, but in some cases you might experience an allergic reaction. A recent report, The State of Counterfeiting in India 2021, revealed that while alcohol is the most commonly faked commodity sold in India, beauty products including skin care are the second.

Why Fake Skin Care Products are On the Rise

According to the Indian report, beauty product fakes are slated to skyrocket and may quickly overtake alcohol as the most commonly faked product. Overall, all counterfeit items have increased 20 percent in the last two years according to the Authentication Solution Provider’s Association (ASPA). The authors of the report stress that, at least in India, faux skin care products often “contain lower quality, harmful and cheap ingredients.” They cite dilution, cheaper alternatives, and even glue being found in some fake products. Largely specific to India, there have even been some products found with mercury placed in them.

According to the reporters, “As cosmetics and makeup products come in direct contact with the body, any health risk is immediate, and repercussions can be severe.” There have been a few headlines in the United States of people buying fake makeup products only to find them causing irreparable damage and serious allergic reactions. Simply put, when it comes to fakes, you have no idea what you’re using. Treat yourself and your skin right with medical-grade products.

The Medical-Grade Difference

Maybe buying fake luxury skin care products has never appealed to you. But have you been tempted by real luxury products—or are you more of a bargain hunter thrilled when you find an economy-sized jug of moisturizer at a big box store? Either way, you’re not actually doing much for your skin. Again, only medical-grade products can provide you with the results you want. However, it can be difficult to make the leap from bargain to medical.

We understand the appeal, since the price tags are so low and the product seems like so much when you shop at drugstores or supermarkets for skin care. That’s because all you’re really purchasing is a low-grade lotion or serum that is largely filler. These products cannot use the same concentrations as medical-grade products. Many clients who are new to medical-grade skin care worry that they’ll break the bank taking care of their skin. However, a little really does go a long way when using medical-grade skin care product. In the long run, you will likely pay the same (or less) using medical-grade compared to bargain brands (and definitely when comparing medical-grade to so-called luxury brands).

Care for the Skin You’re In

According to reports on counterfeit products, scammers are getting better and craftier. They’re using real discarded boxes to package their fakes in. Some of the most common reactions to fake products include “unusual breakout of pimples, rashes, skin allergies, and some more serious long term and permanent damages such as loss of hair, skin burns, or adverse effects on eye sight.”

Take care of your skin by shopping medical-grade online right now, or contact Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today for a customized regimen during a complimentary consultation!

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