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Here’s Why Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Matter (and Won’t Break the Bank)

Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Matter | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

Have you ever started shopping for medical-grade skin care products and got scared away by the seemingly small size and relatively high price? Don’t be—at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, we offer competitive pricing when it comes to our medical-grade skin care, and you can easily shop online. A complimentary consultation can help you determine the best at-home skin care regimen for you right now, and we only recommend products that will actively help you achieve your goals.

Of course, medical-grade skin care products do have a higher price tag than what you might find at the store or pharmacy. There’s a reason for this, and in reality, you will end up spending much more on non-medical-grade products trying to achieve a fraction of the results. Products you see in stores have high amounts of “fillers,” which are needed to attract consumers with the bigger quantities. The amount of active ingredients is usually quite small and not very concentrated. This is partly because it makes these store-bought products profitable, but also because only medical-grade skin care products can legally have higher levels of concentrated active ingredients.

Why Haven’t I Heard of These Products?

The first thing some people notice when they delve into the world of medical-grade skin care is that they’ve never heard of these “brands” before. That’s because these products aren’t necessarily “brands,” but rather products from dermatologist-backed makers that have undergone rigorous testing. It takes a lot of research and clinical trials for a product to be labeled as medical-grade. As such, these products have built their reputation on real results and doctor recommendations. They don’t advertise in magazines or on television because they don’t have to.

A skin care product not being a household name does not mean that it isn’t reputable. In fact, the “best” skin care products (as proven by testing and as recommended by dermatologists) have never been advertised in mainstream magazines. These products carry unprecedented levels of active ingredients that are still safe and highly effective. Of course, it can be overwhelming as well. Many of these makers offer scores of products—so how can you determine which is best for you?

Creating Your Personalized Skin Care Regimen

There’s another issue with purchasing those products in stores—they can expire, and your skin has different needs at different times. Your skin changes with the season, so you probably want to change your regimen every couple of months. That’s one reason why medical-grade skin care products are comparatively small. This ensures that the product doesn’t expire, that you can use all of it during a timeframe that your skin needs it, and also that the concentration is just right so that a little bit really does go a long way. You don’t need to slather on medical-grade products.

Our skin is the biggest organ we have. It goes through changes related to stress, diet, the environment, and the seasons. It’s very unlikely that the regimen that worked best for you six months ago is the ideal routine now. Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care works closely with clients to keep an eye on at-home care and modify routines as necessary. We offer monthly specials on medical-grade skin care products so you can shop online and take advantage of affordable pricing while also stocking up on favorites or trying out a new product.

Get Better Skin Now

In-office treatments are a must to get the gorgeous skin you deserve, but they must be complemented with proper at-home care. Combining medical-grade skin care products at home on a daily basis with routine in-office treatments is the best way to treat your skin right. These products can optimize and extend the results you achieve with in-office procedures so that you enjoy the outcome longer.

Cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and topicals to treat specific concerns from acne to hyperpigmentation and fine lines are all available from leading manufacturers of medical-grade products. Contact Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today to schedule your skin care consultation, or start shopping online right now. You can purchase from the comfort of your home and have products shipped directly to you or in-office during your next treatment.

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