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Tattoo Removal

What’s Driving the Tattoo Removal Trend?

What’s Driving the Tattoo Removal Trend? | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

As the demand for tattoos grow (as they are not the sign of rebellion they used to be), so does the request for tattoo removal. Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care features a large suite of lasers designed to help you reach every skin goal—including ink-free, clear skin. Perhaps one of the most prevalent celebrities who has committed to undoing their tattoos is Pete Davidson (who is squarely in the spotlight these days thanks to his new paramour). Davidson revealed that he thinks his ample ink will get in the way of his acting career, preventing him from being cast in some projects because it takes so much time for a makeup team to cover up tattoos on a daily basis. Davidson told People TV that it’s estimated it will take “two more years” to complete his transformation.

Of course, Davidson has a lot more tattoos than the average person. His reasoning for tattoo removal ultimately isn’t much different than one of the most common reasons—excessive ink can get in the way of your career. This is a key reason why tattoo removal is on the rise. Today’s lasers are so powerful that they can work towards removing even old, deeply-set ink in all colors. Gone are the days when tough colors like yellow and green were untreatable. Thanks to the latest technology, tattoo permanency is no longer part of the package—and removing that facet of ink has also undone some of its desirability for some clients.

How Tattoo Removal Works

Some lasers have the ability to target unwanted pigmentation (like tattoo ink), breaking it into tiny fragments that the body then metabolizes and expels. It takes multiple sessions for optimal results, with requisite rest periods between sessions. Exactly how many treatments you will need will vary based on a variety of factors. Some people are wary of laser tattoo removal because they fear the discomfort will be more intense than the initial tattoo. That may have been true of lasers past, but today’s laser tattoo removal (coupled with numbing agents) equalizes the discomfort comparisons.

Instead, Davidson told Seth Meyers that the real pain of tattoo removal is getting reminded of ink and decisions that no longer align with who he is. Since the provider removing the tattoo verbally confirms which ink is being treated right before each session, clients get one last chance to keep their ink or, like in Davidson’s case, be reminded of past decisions. “All of a sudden, I’ll just hear, ‘are we keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?’” Davidson shared.

We Aren’t Who We Used to Be

People change, and thanks to laser tattoo removal how we look can evolve along with us. Many people who opted for a tattoo at 18 (or even last year) simply don’t resonate with that imagery anymore. There are also many people who, unfortunately, didn’t receive a quality tattoo in the first place. They may have loved an image, but it just didn’t translate with their tattoo experience. In these cases, sometimes clients want a tattoo removed so they can clear up skin for a new, better tattoo. There are still plenty of tattoo lovers, and having enough “real estate” is a must if you want to keep pursuing new ink.

There is also a recent trend of so-called “traditional” tattoos making a re-emergence. Quannah Chasinghorse, the Hän Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota model, is perhaps one of the celebrities making the biggest wave at the moment when it comes to highlighting traditional chin tattoos. She was the first of her generation to opt for the tattoo, which she received from her mother at 14 years old. Many Indigenous tribes, particularly in the region now often called Alaska, used to wear facial tattoos to signify a number of milestones. The near-disappearance of this tradition is one of the many fallouts of colonialism, but younger generations like Chasinghorse are bringing back this stick and poke technique as they reclaim and celebrate their culture and heritage.

Is Tattoo Removal for You?

If you have a tattoo that no longer suits you, whether you want to clear up your skin for good or make room for new ink, lasers are powerful tools that can tackle even the most stubborn tattoos. Complimentary consultations are available at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care for all treatments, including tattoo removal. Schedule yours today by calling the office or simply complete the online form for the quickest response.

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