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Tattoo Removal

PicoWay and More Tattoo Removal Options

PicoWay and More Tattoo Removal Options | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

Your skin is one of a kind. Your tattoo is completely unique. Shouldn’t your tattoo removal strategy be just as personalized? At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care we understand there are many reasons why you may no longer love your tattoo—and, unfortunately, this also translates to not loving or feeling comfortable in your own skin. We can help with a suite of laser tattoo removal technologies.

One of the first questions clients often ask is which tattoo removal system is the best and there’s no singular answer. Removing tattoo ink requires consideration of numerous factors such as your skin, the age of the tattoo, how deep it is, and the colors. What we promise is to always have the latest, safest, and most proven technology for tattoo removal, like PicoWay.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Destroying any pigment, whether it’s tattoo ink or naturally-occurring pigment in the skin, requires laser technology that uses either short pulses of light or a photoacoustic effect. These pulses are harmless to the superficial skin layers, but are absorbed by unwanted pigment. The pigment is then broken into fragments that the body absorbs and expels safely in the days following the session. Tattoo removal requires multiple sessions, with the tattoo getting lighter after each treatment. Your exact number of sessions will depend on the same factors used to determine the best tattoo removal technology for you.

PicoWay is unique because it uses a photoacoustic approach. In numerous studies, PicoWay has been shown to be very effective at removing multi-colored tattoos including the very stubborn green and blue inks. It’s often considered a gold standard for tattoo removal. However, other clients (and tattoos) may be better suited for other tattoo removal technologies such as the Alex TriVantage laser, which is also a great option for multi-colored tattoos.

Start Fresh with the Latest Tech

Clients love PicoWay because it’s gentler compared to laser tattoo removal tech of the past. A more comfortable session is also a bonus. We’re committed to making your treatment the best it can be, and you can always add on a topical numbing cream and/or Pro-Nox to your treatment. Pro-Nox is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide that instantly puts you at ease. You’re in complete control, able to control the amount of Pro-Nox you receive. Plus, there are no lingering drowsiness effects so you’re perfectly safe to drive yourself home afterward.

It’s rare for anyone to have just one skin concern. If you’re interested in tattoo removal but also have other issues to address, such as acne scarring, PicoWay can also help with that. The PicoWay Resolve technology can help reduce wrinkles and acne scarring in only three sessions—while simultaneously reducing pigmented lesions. PicoWay requires no downtime and the majority of sessions are typically under 30 minutes. However, the size of the tattoo has the biggest say in session lengths.

Skin is intact after laser tattoo removal, making it easy to squeeze these sessions into your day. The PicoWay comes with six handpieces, all able to deliver different wavelengths, giving you a fully personalized experience. The uber-short pulses in picoseconds are 100 times briefer than older laser tattoo technology, ensuring each pulse is just a tiny trillionth of a second.

Get the Tattoo Removal Results You Want

Clients want to know how many sessions they will need for their tattoo removal, and you will receive a very accurate estimate during your consultation. Our laser expert will also closely watch how your skin responds during the first session so you can get an even more accurate estimate at this point. Most clients say tattoo removal feels a lot like getting a tattoo, which means you will certainly be able to complete these sessions. However, for those who prefer a more comfortable experience, just ask. There’s no reason tattoo removal has to hurt as much as getting a tattoo.

Ready to see what’s in store for you? Take a look at our before and after gallery. Tattoos are no longer forever when you have the right technology working for you. Schedule your consultation for laser tattoo removal with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today by calling (408) 688-2082.

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