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Dermaplaning Details to Know

Dermaplaning Details to Know | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

Want to find a quick and easy way to make your skin look younger, brighter, clearer—and amplify the results of other treatments such as facials? Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care recommends in-office dermaplaning, regardless of your skin tone or type. It’s a zero-downtime procedure that removes peach fuzz and the superficial layer of skin via a specialized scalpel. You may have seen dermaplaning razors for home use, but nothing compares to the tools, techniques, and safety only available from skin care experts.

With in-office treatments, dermaplaning can go a little deeper without damaging the skin or resulting in a recovery period. Most clients get dermaplaning every 4 – 6 weeks to maintain results. Some people dermaplane once per week, but any more than that and you risk negatively disrupting the skin’s barrier, leading to irritation. The Cleveland Clinic reports that dermaplaning has a myriad of benefits, including getting rid of fine hairs, reducing acne scar appearance, and overall rejuvenating the skin through exfoliation. When you get rid of the very top layer of skin, you remove surface impurities, debris, and reveal more youthful skin that’s below the surface.

Dermaplaning for All

Dermaplaning can work for just about everyone, with the exception of those whose skin is currently irritated with open lesions or active psoriasis or sunburns. Bear in mind that if you try “dermaplaning at home,” which many people (women) try to mimic by shaving their face or using an eyebrow razor, you can actually irritate your skin and trigger some conditions. If you use a blade on your face that isn’t designed for dermaplaning—or a DIY tool that is of low quality—injury can occur. All dermaplaning effects the stratum corneum, or top layer of skin, so it’s critical that when you intentionally compromise this area you are doing so safely and with the help of a professional.

While there is no real “prep” for dermaplaning, it’s a good idea to only use gentle products before treatment. Try to avoid retinoids and acids like lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid at least one week prior to your appointment. After dermaplaning, avoid the sun as much as you can and for at least 48 – 72 hours avoid excessive heat as well as intense workouts. Step up your moisturizer game during these few days, using a thick but gentle emollient that can help “seal” the skin. This amps up hydration and protects the skin while the top layer is gone. Medical-grade skin care products are always better and we can recommend the best one for you.

Dermaplaning Perks

You’ll immediately notice a baby-smooth face, brightness, and more hydration. However, dermaplaning has the added benefits of increasing the effectiveness of topicals, too. Without peach fuzz and debris on the surface, serums can better delve into the skin. That’s why so many people opt for a facial after dermaplaning or upgrade their at-home medical-grade skin care regimen.

There are few risks associated with dermaplaning, but keep in mind that this procedure is ultimately a kind of exfoliation. Support that skin barrier before and after treatment by following best practices. Know that if you dermaplane skin that is very dry or flaky, risks increase—but a great aesthetician will tell you if your skin isn’t ready for dermaplaning and how to prep it for a future session.

Scheduling Your Dermaplaning Appointment

Consultations are not necessary for dermaplaning. During your appointment, you can discuss your goals and concerns with your provider, perhaps adding on a treatment to maximize results. Dermaplaning is a great solution for all skin types year-round and can help you achieve your goal of better, healthier, more beautiful skin in 2023. If you prefer a gentler form of exfoliation with no downtime and immediate results, dermaplaning might be for you. Also remember, Zuzana Likar personally trains all staff aestheticians to the highest standards so you get gorgeous results every time. Learn more about all your options for exfoliation at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care by calling the office during business hours or completing the online contact form right now.

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