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Latest Vanquish ME Tech Blasts More Fat Than Predecessor

Latest Vanquish ME Tech Blasts More Fat Than Predecessor

The fat-melting technology by BTL Aesthetics, Vanquish ME, has released its latest generation of technology, and it burns 53 percent more fat than previous models (in clinical trials). At Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care, we are committed to providing clients with the best and safest options for non-invasive body sculpting and contouring. If you haven’t tried Vanquish ME yet, now is the time so you can show off the full results in time for summer vacation. The clinical evaluation found that the technology is more predictable and efficient when treating targeted fat, too, with “significantly better outcomes” particularly on the stomach.

According to a Director at BTL, “These clinical results, showing that our smartly-designed, next-generation device outperformed its predecessor, really speak to BTL Aesthetics innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit.” Vanquish was first debuted in 2013 as a revolutionary device for fat reduction. It led to Vanquish ME (maximum energy) in 2015, which quickly became an aesthetician-favorite FDA-cleared treatment for the abs and thighs. Recently it was revealed in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology that Vanquish ME treats more fat faster and in larger areas compared to all of its competitors. They are the only radiofrequency (RF) device on the market designed for no-contact, hands-free reduction of subcutaneous fat (although RF is used for other goals too, such as skin tightening).

Clinical Results

According to findings in a multi-center study, there were 36 participants with BMIs between 24 – 30. Some were randomly assigned to get Vanquish while others received Vanquish ME treatments. Each person received four treatments, administered every week for 45 minutes. Abdominal fat was measured before, during, and four weeks after the last treatment. Everyone was told to stick with their usual diet, exercise, and lifestyle throughout the study. Researchers found that the primary outcome in both treatments was a reduction in abdominal fat layer thickness. However, the exact reduction varied drastically. For those who received Vanquish ME, the average reduction was 29.5 percent while the Vanquish group reduced by 15.2 percent.

“Vanquish ME provides a more consistent performance,” remarked the researchers. Vanquish ME currently has three patents, including one that safeguards the no-contact approach to treating unwanted adipose tissue (fat). Another addresses feedback power control for treating human tissue and skin. The third, just recently granted, covers a new treatment method for subcutaneous tissue requiring applicators to be adjacent to the skin—but still not touching it. The transmitters are what send electromagnetic energy to the target site. Airflow may or may not be provided in the space between the applicator and skin.

Contouring Without Contact

If you’re interested in body contouring and sculpting, you have options which are non-invasive and require no needles or downtime. Vanquish ME is quickly growing in popularity and is a fantastic complement to skin tightening treatments like Thermage FLX. There is a limit to what diet and exercise can do—Vanquish ME bridges that gap. If you are at or near goal weight but struggle with abs and thigh fat that just won’t budge, Vanquish ME might be the solution for you.

Multiple sessions are required for every non-invasive body contouring procedure (save for skin tightening treatments in some cases). Results are not immediate. This is not liposuction (a procedure that comes with all the risks and downtime of surgery). However, when fat cells are destroyed with Vanquish ME, they are gone for good and will not “grow back.” Still, it is critical to maintain a healthy diet and workout routine not just for your wellness but because nearby fat cells can expand into the site treated with Vanquish ME. Body contouring is a complement to workouts and healthy eating, not a replacement for these healthy habits.

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