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4 Different Lasers: From Mild to Aggressive for All Your Skin Goals

4 Different Lasers: From Mild to Aggressive | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

There are scores of lasers and energy-based therapies available, and at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care we have all of the leading technologies for all skin tones and types. Here, we are more than a medispa. Zuzana Likar personally trains her staff members to exacting standards so that you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands. After all, it’s not just the laser that makes a difference in your results—it’s the skill of the provider. Today, there are all types of lasers available in varying strengths and capable of addressing all skin concerns. Here are four of the most popular lasers we have available, from the softest “pre-juvenation” option to more intense options for serious skin issues.

Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant laser is very popular for those in their twenties who want “pre-juvenation” and treatment of superficial concerns (such as mild skin dullness). Clear + Brilliant is suitable for all skin tones and types and has such a light touch that many clients opt for monthly treatments. There is no downtime and although your skin may look a bit sun-kissed after your treatment, most people immediately get back to their day. This laser is an excellent “entry” technology for those new to laser skin rejuvenation and will leave skin brighter and clearer with every treatment. However, it is not capable of tackling more advanced skin issues like signs of aging and moderate sun damage.

Broadband light (BBL)

BBL is the second generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) lasers and is popular for being able to treat over a dozen skin conditions ranging from lines and wrinkles to rosacea, melasma, sun damage, skin laxity, and even spider veins. BBL is also suitable for every skin tone and type, and is beloved by clients of all ages. If you are using BBL to get rid of unwanted hyperpigmentation like sun damage, you can expect the spots to get darker in the days following the treatment before they slough away like coffee grounds. Skin can look pink or red for up to 48 hours after your treatment, but this is often not intense enough to warrant “downtime.” However, you will need between 4 – 6 treatments on average, each spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart, to achieve optimal results in most cases. After this series, maintenance sessions every six months are recommended.

Morpheus8 Fractional RF Microneedling

Morpheus8 isn’t exactly a laser skin treatment, but rather a form of microneedling that takes results above and beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Since it’s much more than microneedling—and uses RF—Morpheus8 is often clumped in with the laser category. This is one of the latest technologies and has quickly become a client favorite. Unlike traditional microneedling, which causes micro-channels in the skin by expertly-applied needles, Morpheus8 uses specialized gold-plated needles that deliver RF directly into the skin. RF is a fantastic form of collagen induction therapy and is one of the best energies available to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. This hybrid approach is really two treatments in one. Some redness is common for a day or two post-treatment but, again, this typically doesn’t interfere with most daily tasks.

Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual is the gold standard in non-ablative fractional lasers, treating every zone of the skin while leaving nearby skin untouched. The name says it all: it treats a “fraction” of the skin, which means damage is minimized and downtime is shortened. Fraxel Dual is one of the most powerful lasers available and reserved for those who want to treat more advanced signs of aging or severe damage. Some downtime is to be expected, but most clients feel confident going back to daily tasks after a few days and special events after 7 – 10 days.

More lasers are available, and you can maximize results by pairing laser skin rejuvenation with other treatments like dermal fillers and Botox. To find out more and create your customized skin care regimen, connect with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today. Give us a call during business hours or, for the quickest response, complete the online form.

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