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Your Laser Clinic is More than a MedSpa | Palo Alto Laser & Skin Care

The terms medispa, medspa, and medical day spa can be confusing. What exactly do they mean, and where does Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care fall on the spectrum? We are much more than a “medspa,” thanks to our suite of lasers, treatments, and procedures to tackle all of your skin issues and concerns. Lasers and energy-based therapies provide some of the absolute best results for minimizing lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (including stubborn melasma), and a host of other issues. Here, clients have access to the best and latest technologies including Thermage FLX, BBL, Clear + Brilliant, and much more. With over 20 lasers on site and with Zuzana Likar personally training every staff member to the highest standards, you need to experience for yourself what a real laser clinic can do for you.

There is no governing body to determine the qualifications for a so-called medispa. However, this should indicate that a medispa is a clinic that has medical-grade treatments and procedures, including laser skin rejuvenation. This is where you can come to be treated by highly qualified professionals who have access to not only the best equipment, but have the skills and experience to give you stunning results. No matter what your skin goals might be, working with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care will give you the results you deserve and can’t wait to show off.

The Many Faces of Lasers

Not all lasers are actually lasers, with energy-based technologies like BBL considered part of the so-called laser “family.” We boast 20+ lasers because there are so many fantastic technologies on the market that it’s important to ensure your medspa has every possible tech to treat even the most common skin conditions. However, there are four primary types of lasers on the market, and understanding the difference between them can serve as great foundational information as you start to explore your options.

Technically, laser treatments are medical treatments (legally speaking), which is why they are exclusively available at medical day spas. Laser treatments by definition deliver short, strong, pulsing beams at target sites in order to improve the skin’s appearance and stimulate collagen production. Lasers can be used on just about every skin irregularity from scars to tattoos, wrinkles, and even unwanted hair. Lasers target different colors in the skin (including hair follicles) to give you these results, and when lasers identify their target they heat them up to create a controlled trauma that also kick-starts the body’s healing process.

Your Laser Solution

Ablative lasers are designed to help with skin texture and tone while reducing wrinkles and lines. They can also be effective on scars and warts. Ablative lasers can be pretty aggressive, with downtime average being about one week but redness can be present for two weeks. Such a treatment is very effective at anti-aging and undoing skin discoloration. Ablative lasers have largely fallen by the wayside thanks to the invention of fractional technology, such as CO2 lasers, which are known for boasting a shorter downtime. “Fractionating” the laser means the energy delivery isn’t as strong and, in turn, healing is quicker—still, for the absolute best results, ablative lasers are still considered the “best” if you can manage carving out the time for a proper recovery period.

Non-ablative lasers are meant for treating discoloration such as freckles, dark spots, and melasma. These types of lasers penetrate the skin in a fractionated manner, so they are milder. Fraxel is one of the most well-known, and after the treatment your skin can look like it sustained a sunburn and minor swelling might occur during the first week. However, several sessions are often needed for optimal results from a non-ablative laser treatment option. There are two primary wavelengths for these lasers. The 1550nm is great for fine lines and overall radiance while the 1927nm option is very good at tackling discoloration.


While not technically a laser, broadband light (BBL) and intense-pulsed light (IPL) therapies are often considered “lasers.” BBL is the second iteration of IPL, and both technologies are good at helping restore color balance by minimizing hyperpigmentation. The result is skin that is glowing and youthful. Plus, with minimal downtime, a BBL treatment can easily fit into anyone’s schedule. Again, multiple sessions are often required for the best results.

Coupling laser skin rejuvenation with other treatments, such as microneedling and HydraFacial Elite, can lead to ultimate results with skin that is younger-looking, healthier, and beautiful. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care today to see what combination of treatments and lasers work best for you. Contact us via phone or simply complete the online form right now.

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