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Combine Emsculpt with CoolSculpting for the Best Results

Combine Emsculpt with CoolSculpting | Palo Alto Laser

You’ve heard about CoolSculpting and maybe even tried it before. It’s the gold standard in body contouring and sculpting, and has long been a favorite of clients at Palo Alto Laser and Skin Care. Although the science behind CoolSculpting was discovered in the 1970s, many innovations and changes have been made to it in the past few years. Today, this non-invasive treatment burns more fat faster, which means most people need fewer cycles. You can also get CoolSculpting just about anywhere on the body, including smaller areas.

CoolSculpting works by freezing away small amounts of unwanted fat cells. However, it isn’t a weight loss procedure. You might notice a couple of pounds fall away after your cycles are completed, but the real goal of this treatment is contouring. It’s ideal for those who are close to or at their ideal body weight but struggle to spot-reduce. While it’s true you can’t spot-reduce with diet and exercise, you can with CoolSculpting. When fat cells are externally exposed to precise freezing temperatures, they die. The body will take some time to metabolize and safely remove these dead fat cells, but you can rest assured that those unwanted cells are being targeted at every appointment.

How to Make the Most of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting can be a great tool to break through plateaus and target areas that are resistant to other methods. It’s an addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, not a replacement for it. Also remember that although frozen fat cells are gone forever, should weight gain occur in the future, those fat cells can expand into the CoolSculpted area. Most people require 4 – 6 cycles of CoolSculpting per site for optimal results. You’ll start to see improvement about one month after your first cycle with full results six months after your final cycle.

To make the most of your CoolSculpting experience, have a solid workout regimen and good diet already in place. Stick to your cycle schedule, with appointments every four weeks (unless otherwise recommended). Follow the aftercare instructions and keep hydrated. You can also double down on body contouring by adding Emsculpt sessions to your regimen. Unlike CoolSculpting, Emsculpt focuses on muscles—not fat.

All About Emsculpt

Emsculpt debuted in 2019 and quickly became a celebrity favorite. In today’s world, the ideal body doesn’t involve just a healthy weight but muscle tone also—this is true for all genders. However, it can be very difficult, time consuming, and even dangerous to build and tone muscles. Emsculpt works by forcing targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions in 30 minutes. Like CoolSculpting, results take time and a similar number of cycles are needed for the best results.

Since Emsculpt builds muscles just like you do manually at the gym (through contractions), your muscles need time to grow. You’ll start to see some results about one month after your first cycle with full results six months after your final session. Maintenance sessions are often recommended every six months. Emsculpt isn’t an alternative to working out and strength training, but it can help you set up a good foundation for a new routine or to break through plateaus.

Emsculpt can also target just the muscles you want to tone and grow without engaging assister muscles. This can be very helpful for those who want, for example, a more toned booty without increasing thigh size. With gym workouts, you can’t only target one muscle. With Emsculpt, you can.

Combining Treatments

Both of these treatments are totally non-invasive with no needles and no downtime. You can also book them back to back in many cases so you can freeze away fat in one session and build muscle in the next. If you’re getting Emsculpt, make sure to bring a protein treat to consume immediately after your session. Muscles need protein to repair and grow, and this is important in making the most of your procedure.

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